Safety glasses

Why You Should Always Wear Safety Glasses

I was running a trimmer test the other day, going full throttle through grass, weeds, brambles when the mower dived low and hit a puddle. This resulted in an explosion of flying weeds, grass, and mud, all of which smack me in the face. This bric-a-brac would also have hit me in the eye if I hadn’t been wearing safety glasses.

This was yet another reminder of the importance of safety glasses, something I’ve written about many times. Although the outdoor power equipment industry routinely shows owners using equipment without goggles, this is seriously a bad idea. I wear safety glasses while mowing, trimming strings, using a leaf blower, trimming brush, trimming hedges, and even when trimming by hand. It’s not uncommon for me to bend over a bush or tree to trim it properly. Getting a branch in the eye is not my idea of ​​a good time.

Safety glasses are inexpensive and there’s no reason not to wear them, and if your kids are mowing the lawn, insist that they wear them too. You can even get ones that look like sunglasses. Look for the Z87.1 ANSI rating on the packaging or stamped on the goggles themselves to make sure they really are goggles. It’s the standard set by the American National Standards Institute, the industry organization that, among other things, sets the bar for safety gear, ensuring that goggles are exactly that: protective.

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