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Where to Buy ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 2 Golden Wine Glasses

There’s no denying Netflix season 2 Love is blind was filled with drama. From Shake Chatterjee becoming reality TV’s biggest villain to Natalie Lee and Shayne Jansen’s emotional relationship, there was plenty for fans to talk, tweet and TikTok about this season. While some fans keep saying that Deepti Vempati is the ultimate “I choose myself” queen, others are wondering where to buy the gold wine glasses. Love is blindwho made their brilliant debut for season 2.

That’s right — this season, a set of matte gold wine glasses joined the cast of Love is blind for the first time, and fans were instantly in love. You can spot the stemmed and stemless versions of gold wine glasses from Love is blind used throughout the series, from pods to all-inclusive Love is blind use of candidates’ wedding days. Let’s just say that the wine glasses of Love is blind were more consistent than some of the on-screen relationships. They really kept the contestants company, and viewers quickly picked up on their presence. Moreover, it seems that they have a special meaning for the contestants, as Deepti shared that the women of Love is a blind season 2 planned to get the wine glasses tattooed in matte gold during a February 2022 interview with E! Online, explaining, “it’s just a token thing for us.”

While gold wine glasses might be a little less breakable than their glass counterparts (while also hiding the contents inside), there was apparently another reason for their inclusion this season.

Why Love is blind Use golden wine glasses?

Love is blindthe creator of, Chris Coelen, said Variety in a February 2022 interview, the gold wine glasses were a way to differentiate the series from other shows. Coelen told the publication, “When you turn on the show, you know it’s our show. It’s a very authentic, really true follow-up to these people’s journeys, but I like that we have that kind of connective tissue with it in a very light-hearted way, it’s fun.

It looks like Coelen has decided to bring that continuity to the next one as well. Love is blind derivative series, the ultimate, which will be released on April 6 on Netflix. The teaser for the new show – where couples who face an ultimatum to marry or break up are tested to see if they want to stay together – was dropped during the Love is blind reunion, and eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed something familiar. Instead of gold wine glasses, competitors on The ultimatum can be seen using silver wine glasses.


The wine glasses Love is blind really stuck with the contestants, and apparently, with the public as well, which is why so many fans are wondering where they can get their hands on it. After all, you need a good wine glass to sip rosé while rewatching this season while waiting for season 3.

Elite Daily contacted Love is blindit’s production company, Kinetic Content, who said the gold wine glasses were actually purchased from Amazon. Although they didn’t reveal the specific brand they used for Love is blind, these Gold Stainless Steel Wine Glasses ($23) on Amazon look just the same. The stemmed wine glasses are also available in a rose gold and silver color that you can choose from if these match your kitchen aesthetic more. Kinetic Content has confirmed that the silver wine glasses used for The ultimatum are also an Amazon buy, so they may very well be the silver version of the gold wine glasses from Love is blind.

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Amazon even has a stemless version of the Gold Wine Glasses ($33), so you can really get ready for a reality TV and wine night with your best friends. Since these glasses were used throughout the show, you know how versatile they can be. They can also last longer than your next relationship, so might as well add a few gold wine glasses to your cart ASAP.