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Vuzix Corporation announces the launch of the Blade 2 smart glasses, the latest iteration of the model

Vuzix Corporation (NASDAQ:VUZI) has announced the launch of its Blade 2 smart glasses – the latest iteration of its Blade model.

The eyewear listing costs $1299.99 and will be available for purchase from the company’s website in September this year for shipping to the US, EU, UK, Canada and the UK. Japan.

“Enterprise customers in vertical markets such as healthcare, construction, security and retail already know and appreciate the sleek and comfortable design of Vuzix Blade,” said Paul Travers, CEO of Vuzix.

“This latest model is a direct response to the widespread interest in a more muscular version, with more features and performance, while preserving the all-important portability factor.”

The new model includes head tracking, a touchpad and full voice control, the company boss said.

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“Workers can easily access “see what I see” virtual assistance and collaboration software, real-time data, work instructions, mixed reality, HD photography and video streaming There is no other AR form factor today that offers power, functionality and style like Vuzix Blade 2,” Travers added.

Primarily intended for commercial use, the Vuzix Blade 2 smart glasses feature a Qualcomm processor that now runs Android 11 to support a wide variety of business-focused apps.

The glasses offer simple integration with major mobile device management tools along with 40GB of built-in storage and enhanced security, the technology group said.

Vuzix is ​​a leading provider of smart glasses and augmented reality technologies and products for the consumer and enterprise markets.

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