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Verizon wants to build the future of American sports with smart glasses

Verizon has just teamed up with a leading smart glass company to deliver what they call America’s “first-of-its-kind” sports and gaming experience.

Verizon has partnered with smart glass company Vuzix to deliver a “first of its kind“Augmented reality experience for sports and games with 5G. Vuzix Shield smart glasses were recently awarded CES 2022 Innovation Awards and Honoree. The glasses look like ordinary glasses, can fit into a smartphone, feature advanced optics, voice control and the world’s first miniature uLED stereo displays.

Verizon is leading the 5G revolution in the United States with AT&T. Companies will begin the massive construction and deployment of a nationwide network in the coming months. Verizon believes 5G is the future and has made a strong connection with the NFL and most popular American sports.


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Verizon announced a new deal with Vuzix Corporation, a leading provider of smart glasses and augmented reality. The agreement aims to build the future of sports, games and athletic training. Verizon appears to be looking to position itself beyond a 5G provider with the deal. Details of the products and services the companies will develop have not been made public. However, it is more than likely that Verizon is looking to tap into US live, on-demand sports streaming, fan products and services, a multi-billion dollar industry.

The future of smart glasses to 5G Edge

Vuzix smart glasses
Photo via Vuzix

Smart glasses company Vuzix said 5G provides the speed needed to develop augmented reality content. Many questioned the idea of ​​building the Metaverse and New Augmented Realities due to a lack of processing capabilities and data power. However, Verizon assures that their 5G is the fastest network and can do the job.

Virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality have taken over from sporting events with impressive 3D augmented demonstrations for fans. Retail, shopping and entertainment are also planning to develop the new Metaverse experience driven by companies like Apple, Microsoft and other big tech. Only time will tell if Verizon plans to take a more active role in this new Metaverse-style build, beyond sports and games.

Vuzix used to target large manufacturing and industrial users for their products. Now they are moving towards providing eyewear to the average consumer. The company owns a surprisingly large number of patents related to video glasses, a total of 243. Augmented reality could be used to transmit live events, show augmented reality content in stadiums, player information and statistics. , and perform complex gameplay analyzes. Verizon and Vuzix both agree that 5G and smart glasses will transform sports, training and games.

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Source: Vuzix & Verizon

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