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These pub-style beer glasses turn your home into the best bar ever

Whether you’re a laid-back summer beer drinker or a certified craft beer snob, a well-designed pint glass can, in fact, make your beer taste better. It’s not just a mental trick: the shape of a beer glass impacts how much foam sits on top and how much aroma hits your schnoz while sipping, which can have a major impact on the way we perceive the flavor of a beer. But that’s not all for a quality beer glass. Helpful features like double-walled stems and insulation keep your brew at an optimal temperature while ensuring your hands don’t get too cold, and freezable glasses keep beer chilled, a must for hot days of summer.

If your mismatched collection of pint glasses gathering dust on the back of a kitchen cabinet isn’t enough, consider getting a whole new set that better suits your needs. Plus, the next time you have guests over, you can serve beer in glasses instead of a can in a koozie. #adult

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We reviewed options from various retailers and read dozens of customer reviews. Our top picks are durable, easy to clean, represent a variety of price points and styles, and look good too. This roundup also includes beer glasses specific to certain types of beer, as well as more general options for the casual beer drinker or someone who appreciates multifunctional glassware.