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These anti-glare glasses give your eyes a boost in the dark

These anti-glare glasses cut glare, enhance color and are great for seeing at night. For a limited time, these glasses are on sale for $30.


They might not make you better at archery, but these Hawk Eye anti-glare goggles cut glare, improve color and clarity, and are great for seeing better at night. For a limited time, these light and multifunctional glasses are on sale for $30, or 40% off.

Hawk Eye anti-glare glasses are suitable for almost anything that makes you cross your eyes. In low-light conditions like driving at night or fighting crime in a dimly lit den, the enhanced color and clarity you get from the lenses noticeably improves visibility. Constant eye strain does more than make you feel like you’ve just chewed on a lemon. If you’ve noticed glare when you get home from work or have a photosensitivity headache, the anti-reflective design makes it easier to focus and you’ll likely find yourself more awake and aware.

Night-time drivers, low-light readers, and anyone who’s tired of feeling like there’s weight on their eyes can benefit from Hawk Eyes. A critic even wrote “I strongly believe that Hawk Eyes is responsible for saving my life. Wearing these glasses made [sic] easier and safer night driving. . . MORE GLARE!”

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By protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays and adding a color-enhancing overlay, Hawk Eyes reduce eye strain and aid vision when good visibility is most important. And prescription eyewear wearers aren’t banned from using them, either – you can slip the Hawk Eyes right onto your glasses so you don’t have to switch to contacts just because you wanted to get an ice cream after the sun went down.

You might not want to golf with a friend in the pale moonlight, but don’t you want the option? To that end, night drivers of all kinds can benefit from the huge boost in visibility they get from these goggles. Currently Hawk Eye Anti-Glare Glasses are on sale for 40% off and cost just $30. And if you’re looking for something else to do on cold winter nights, check out those cozy games.

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Hawk Eye Anti-Glare Glasses – $30

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