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The best gaming glasses for blocking blue light

We work, we play and rehearse.

Our eyes are constantly exposed to harmful blue light due to prolonged screen time. Negative effects of blue light can include fatigue, headaches, migraines, dry eyes, and even sleep deprivation.

Screen time at work is one thing, but with so many of our hobbies such as gaming taking up even more time these days, it’s more important than ever to do what you can to protect your eyesight.

Here are the best blue light blocking glasses for gamers.

Looking like the kind of goggles you’d expect to see adorning tough NPCs in video games everywhere, these orange lens gamer glasses are a smart pick from Uvex. However, their slightly cartoonish appearance belies some impressive built-in tech.

These orange lenses are made with Spectrum Control Technology (SCT) which can absorb up to 98% of blue light from your PC, Laptop, Smartphone and Notebook. The lenses also have side shields that block out any peripheral blue light, making them more efficient.

Fully adjustable, they can be custom fitted for your comfort, and their three-position lens tilt means multi-angle viewing can be accommodated too. Padding is provided against the temples and extra support for the bridge of the nose allows you to wear these glasses for hours; whether at work or at play.

The super absorption against harmful blue light should therefore lead to a significant reduction in eye strain, with better focus, allowing for longer screen exposure. Uvex even claims that vision disorders such as cataracts can be helped by wearing these Skyper Blue Light glasses.

These blue light blocking glasses are perfect for long gaming sessions or for those occasions when you have to work late into the night to meet those all-important deadlines. They are lightweight and comfortable and will prevent the eye strain causing headaches we all know and dread.

Main characteristics
  • 98% blue light absorption
  • 3 position ratchet lens
  • Wrap around uni-lens
  • Duoflex padded temples
  • Mark: Uvex
  • Lens type: Glass
  • Frame size: Adult
  • Bridge adjustment: Adjustable
  • Lester: 4.8oz
  • Lens color: Orange
  • Magnification strength: Zero magnification
  • Very high levels of blue light absorption
  • Adjustable
  • Long-lasting comfort
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Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses with SCT-Orange Lens

It seems very fitting for an eyewear brand to take its name from the Egyptian god of the sky, and these Horus X blue light blocking glasses are the real deal when it comes to protecting your eyes from ultraviolet light and light. blue.

These gaming glasses are made of UV-treated polycarbonate and the lenses are both anti-reflective and anti-scratch. They filter out up to 100% of harmful blue light and can filter out up to 86% of other harmful rays.

Specifically designed for gamers, they even have thinner, rounded temples to sit comfortably next to your headphones.

Increase your screen time without suffering the usual fatigue associated with long periods of exposure to monitor glare. And then enjoy a restful sleep, after filtering out all that pesky, sleep-depriving blue light!

Whether you’re a professional or amateur gamer, we know how engrossing your gaming experiences can be. You’ll never have to back out of a campaign early again with these Horus X gaming glasses.

Like Al Pacino in “Heat”, these goggles will keep you sharp and sharp. Where you should be!

Main characteristics
  • super light
  • 100% blue light filtering system
  • Anti-UV400 and anti-reflective protection
  • Clear or colored lens versions available
  • Mark: Horus X
  • Frame size: Adult
  • Lester: 0.952oz
  • Dimension : 5.28 x 5.71 x 1.57 inches
  • Lens color: Amber and clear versions available
  • Magnification strength: Zero magnification
  • Designed to be worn with a gaming headset
  • Suitable for long distance gaming sessions
  • Filters out 100% of harmful blue light
The inconvenients
  • The lightweight design inevitably makes them less sturdy
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Horus X blue light blocking glasses

Promoting both style and substance, these Blue Cut blue light blocking glasses are a great choice for anyone still working in a busy office, who wants the benefits of blue light blocking glasses while still looking professional.

They have a light and comfortable frame, so they can be worn from sunrise to sunset and have scratch-resistant lenses. More importantly, these glasses will filter out 99% of harmful blue light, so you’ll really feel the difference wearing them.

Blue Cut’s blue light glasses provide effective protection against eye strain, headaches, blurred vision and long-term retinal damage. And as if that weren’t enough, they are also a very affordable option.

Aesthetically, these glasses are probably the most similar to ordinary glasses. So anyone concerned about looking visible in the office while wearing them need not worry. They look like a stylish pair of everyday reading glasses. But you will have the peace of mind of protecting your eyes from prolonged harmful influences.

Available in different degrees of magnification (from 0.0 to 1.5x magnification), you can choose the pair that suits you best, to ensure your vision stays sharp.

Naturally, these Blue Cut blue light blocking glasses are just as effective as gaming glasses. Although, if you’re going to watch this stylish in your frames, it would be a shame if no one else saw them on you!

Main characteristics
  • Blocks 99% of harmful blue light
  • Anti-scratch protection
  • Flexible hinges
  • Mark: blue cup
  • Lens type: Plastic
  • Frame size: Adult
  • Lens color: Clear
  • Magnification strength: 0.0 to 1.5x
  • High level of blue light protection
  • Elegant design
  • Light and comfortable
The inconvenients
  • Lens size is smaller than other blue light blocking glasses
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Blue Cut Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Minimalist in design, these cost-effective alternatives still offer effective protection against harmful ultraviolet and blue light. Designed for all-day everyday use, these stylish frames come in a variety of colors and have an integrated nose pad to ensure wearer comfort. They provide 100% UV400 protection and filter out 35% of blue light emissions from your devices.

Admittedly, this is a lower percentage than some other blue light blocking glasses, but they have been designed to allow a certain amount of “beneficial” blue light to pass through the lenses. They are also 92% high transmittance lenses and are optimized to provide greater clarity of vision than some other blue light goggles.

These “geek chic” glasses are effective and affordable, and well worth a purchase for anyone who spends a large part of their day working or playing in front of a screen. And especially for anyone looking to reintroduce moisture into their eyes!

Main characteristics
  • UV400 protection
  • 35% blue light protection
  • 92% transmittance
  • Anti-impact lens
  • Mark: CNLO
  • Lens type: Plastic
  • Frame size: Adult
  • Lens length: 2.05 inches
  • Bridge length: 0.04 inches
  • Arm length: 5.3 inches
  • Bridge adjustment: 0.47 inches
  • Lens color: Clear
  • Magnification strength: Zero magnification
  • High transmittance lens
  • UV400 protection
  • Anti blue light
The inconvenients
  • The plastic frame feels a little flimsy
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Blue light blocking glasses CNLO

The prize for the “comes with the best quality carrying case” category goes to these bronze glasses from ANYLUV. A sturdy prism-shaped hard case is provided to protect your glasses when not worn to protect you instead.

And the glasses themselves? Well, they’re anti-reflective, anti-scratch, anti-oil (from fingerprints, etc.), provide 100% UV protection, and filter out up to 45% of all blue light. This percentage means that you will receive as much protection as possible from these lenses without tinting orange, the color most effective at blocking blue light.

The lack of tint is an important consideration for players, who will understandably want to explore fantastical new worlds without toning down their color palette. These ANYLUV glasses will offer you good protection against blue light without compromising graphic quality. After all, maximum protection often comes with an orange tint, which may turn some people off.

ANYLUV has designed a nice pair of blue light blocking glasses here. Great for gamers, with a really neat Stark Industries vibe. You might just “marvel” at their effectiveness!

Main characteristics
  • UV light blocking
  • Blue light blocking
  • Screen anti-flicker
  • Anti-scratch
  • Anti-oil
  • Mark: ANYLUV
  • Frame size: Adult
  • Lens length: 2.2 inches
  • Bridge length: 0.6 inch
  • Arm length: 5.51 inches
  • Lester: 6.3oz
  • Magnification strength: Zero magnification
  • Blocks 45% of blue light
  • No color tint
  • Reduced glare
  • Sun Creme
The inconvenients
  • Lenses are not anti-reflective
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ANYLUV Blue Light Blocking Glasses


Q: What are blue light blocking glasses?

Blue light blocking glasses (sometimes called blue light blocking glasses) are glasses that contain specially designed lenses to reduce the amount of blue light reaching the eye. These lenses filter blue light rays to prevent them from entering your eyes and causing potential damage.

Usually, blue light glasses have a slight yellow tint (to counteract the blue light), but you usually can’t notice it.

Q: Can you wear blue glasses all day?

Yes, you can wear blue light blocking glasses all day, and it will have no negative effect on you or your eyes.

In fact, wearing blue light blocking glasses all day will help protect your eyes and ensure you protect them from exposure to harmful blue light.

Q: What to look for when buying blue light blocking glasses?

Look for blue light blockers that filter out both blue light and harmful UV rays. They are anti-glare and anti-reflective.

These features help relieve eye strain from spending so much time in front of computers and other screens.