Safety glasses

The 3 Best Safety Glasses of 2022

When I had an idea of ​​which pairs were probably the most effective, I organized a panel of nine Wirecutter staff members (and, in some cases, their relatives) to self-test a select group of four. . We asked for a wide range of volunteers and looked for a variety of head sizes (large and small), nose bridges of varying widths, different distances between the eyes, a variety of sizes in the ears, etc. We ended up with a diverse group representing a range of genders, ethnicities and ages. And during panel testing, our team worked on projects ranging from desoldering mechanical keyboards, to using a metal wheel to polish and restore an old bench vise, to using a tool rotary for sanding 3D prints, chopping firewood with an ax and a chainsaw. , and simply wear the glasses around the house. One tester even hit his pairs with a replica Red Ryder BB gun to see if they would offer as much protection as Ralphie’s goggles in A Christmas story (video), or if, indeed, you were gouging out your eyes. It was admittedly an unfair test (since the air rifle detonates BBs at 350 feet per second, a significant increase in velocity impact over what our picks were independently tested), but we did was pleasantly surprised by the results.