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T-Mobile and Qualcomm team up to create 5G AR experiences for smart glasses

T-Mobile has announced that three new companies have joined its Accelerator program.

Aiming to transform industries such as gaming, retail and shopping, the new entrants will work alongside other developers and entrepreneurs to create immersive experiences for augmented reality (AR) smart glasses using T-Mobile 5G, America’s largest, fastest and most reliable 5G network. and the Snapdragon Spaces™ XR development platform.

The three new T-Mobile Accelerator participants include:

Foundry Six (Los Angeles, CA): With the AREALM from Foundry Six, you can turn your next hike with friends into an epic adventure! This role-playing metaverse lets players experience all of their favorite real-world gameplay. Join player-versus-environment, player-versus-player, crafting, and dungeon-crawling encounters powered by augmented reality technology.

Stops (Tel Aviv, Israel): Stops is a location-based platform that helps businesses and influencers securely share their locations with their customers/followers across the metaverse. As a result, people can now experience nearby product content and locations through augmented reality whenever they stop by.

weR (NYC, NY): weR is a deep technology company that provides an Augmented Reality/Artificial Intelligence platform to monetize and optimize retail spaces.

As North America’s premier 5G launch partner for Snapdragon Spaces, T-Mobile Accelerator is working to fuel 5G innovation for AR smart glasses by leveraging heads-up displays, spatial awareness, and vision by computer in all sectors. Participants work directly with T-Mobile engineers and business leaders while using Lenovo ThinkReality A3 augmented reality smart glasses – the first device to support Snapdragon Spaces. Experts from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. will also provide support for solutions built on the Snapdragon Spaces platform.

This incoming group is preceded by other participants including Beem, Krikey, Mawari, Mohx-Games, Pluto and VictoryXR. T-Mobile is also currently accepting applications from developers interested in creating immersive 5G experiences for AR glasses on Snapdragon Spaces.

Industry analyst firm GlobalData estimates that the AR and VR market will grow almost 20x over the 10-year period between 2020 and 2030. Because augmented reality provides more accessible services, including ease of use via web services or smartphones (as opposed to bulkier virtual reality headsets), the augmented reality market has an edge over the virtual reality market, according to GlobalData.

T-Mobile 5G, an innovation platform

T-Mobile Accelerator serves as a hub to spur ideas, innovation and action. Focused on collaborative experiences for growth, it offers year-round programming and activities, including entrepreneurial and tech community engagements, expert speakers, and mentorship sessions. Since its inception, the T-Mobile Accelerator has worked with 80 startups that have raised a total of over $190 million with 78% of former companies still in business today.

John Saw, executive vice president of advanced and emerging technologies at T-Mobile
5G and Augmented Reality have the potential to transform gaming, education, training, the way we communicate and more. With the T-Mobile Accelerator, we partner with the brightest developers and entrepreneurs to advance the 5G ecosystem and bring groundbreaking new applications powered by 5G to life.