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Supply chain delays could soon leave wine glasses empty – CBS Philly

RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) – Supply chain delays may soon leave your wine glasses empty, but the problem isn’t the grape, it’s the packaging.

You might see labels for a local craft beer scrolling through the printer, but the Capitol Label owner in Rancho Cordova sees paper he’ll have to order again and quickly.

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“We don’t want too many orders and have him stay here too long, but we don’t want to run out of time,” said owner Michael Mellon.

Transportation, Logistics, and Weather: The same supply chain issues we’ve heard hit this label company every step of the way.

“The adhesives that were affected by the Texas freeze and you have paper stuck in the ports,” Mellon said.

The two key elements of a label are now more difficult to find.

When it comes to alcohol, it’s bigger than design because “you can’t comply with state laws without a label,” Mellon said.

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It’s not just about the fabric on the outside of the bottle: shortages impact every part of production.

“He said, we are out of bottles of wine,” said one winemaker of a recent conversation with his bottle seller. “I ordered a container from China of the bottles we need. The first container took a month or two longer to get to the port and cost me 50% more than I was originally offered due to the price increases.

Both companies depend on goods shipped to the Port of Oakland

No surprise, more than 99% of containerized cargo in Northern California passes through it, whether inside or out. But right now, a lot of that cargo is stuck at the port and just doesn’t make it.

This forces the vineyards to be creative.

Voluptuary and Lucid Wines is about to switch to a new supply chain for bottles that look different but are available.

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All eyes are on California ports right now as a backup solution. About 40% of all container shipments in the United States arrive through western ports and 30% of the country’s exports exit through this route.

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