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Snap could develop AR glasses controlled by the human brain!

After recently announcing its first ever earnings (thanks to the massive growth of its Snapchat messaging platform), Snap Inc is now looking to develop advanced AR devices that can be controlled by users through their brains. Sounds more like science fiction, right? The company recently acquired a company specializing in brain-computer interfaces to help Snap develop its next-generation AR glasses. So let’s see the details below.

Snap’s AR glasses will be made by NextMind

Snap recently announced the acquisition of Paris-based startup NextMind, which is developing brain computing interfaces (BCIs) to allow users to control smart gadgets and computing systems with their minds. The NextMind team will join Snap Labs to develop the next generation of AR devices which could allow users to interact and control virtual objects with their brains.

Currently, NextMind has a basic, non-invasive, head-worn EEG (electroencephalogram) machine in its product portfolio. This means that the device does not “read” thoughts or send any signals to the brain.

It comes with advanced sensors and translation technology that allow users to control computer interfaces and smart gadgets with the power of their minds in real time. The device consists of a compact sensor to translate neural signals into real actions, like changing the color of a smart bulb or making adjustments in an app. You can experience this product from the attached video.

Now, Snap has its own line of AR-based smart glasses, including models like Spectacles 2 and 3. Snap’s smart glasses already come with advanced augmented reality (AR) capabilities. With NextMind’s neural technology, next-generation eyewear could allow users to control AR environments with their brains.

Corn, NextMind’s Neural Headband will be interrupted. This is to ensure that the NextMind team can fully focus on the upcoming developments of the Snap project. However, the company will continue to operate from its home country, which is France.

Snap did not disclose the acquisition price. Other details regarding this possible Snap product are also unknown. We’ll keep you posted once more details are known, so stay tuned. In the meantime, what do you think of Snap’s future AR glasses that will be controlled by users’ brains? Would you get it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.