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Smart glasses that can actually help you work and play smarter

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It is almost impossible to do not it feels like the future is now when you think of all the next-level gadgets on the market, like smart glasses for example. Having second screens or cameras built right into an accessory you already wear every day sounds like one of the inventions on The Jetsons next to a cleaning robot or an electronic arm that would brush your teeth and comb your hair. However, like other inventions in The Jetsons, that distant future is now within reach. Smart glasses have officially become mainstream consumer products that can offer a variety of unique features.

Many different smart glasses offer specific features designed for communication and entertainment, while others offer reliable wearable technology for a number of different industries, including construction and engineering.

Sure, some smart glasses just let you listen to your favorite podcast and get notifications on the go, like your favorite smartwatch. The incredible diversity of the market makes it all the more interesting to find the options that suit each type of person. Here are some of the most fascinating and useful smart glasses you can buy today.

Ray-Ban Stories Wayfarer Smart Glasses

Quite easily the most stylish smart glasses on the market today, the Ray-Ban Stories Wayfarer smart glasses come in a number of color combinations to help maintain the fashionable reputation that Ray-Ban has built. The smart glasses come with several unique features, including direct connection to mobile devices and Facebook. Ray-Ban designed the smart glasses with a camera in the frame that lets you take a picture and post it immediately on social media. Plus, the built-in microphones help triangulate your voice during calls, and the side speakers can stream music without disturbing those around you.

Buy Ray-Ban Stories Wayfarer Smart Glasses on Amazon, $300

Amazon Echo Frames (2nd Generation) Smart Audio Glasses

The 2nd iteration of the smart glasses developed by Amazon comes with a number of features specially designed for Amazon customers. You can interact with Alexa through the glasses which will recognize audio cues for everything from putting an event on your schedule to buying an item online. Additionally, smart glasses have many of the more traditional options, including taking calls, listening to music, and having blue light shielding lenses. Amazon has also designed the smart glasses in multiple frame colors to better suit any outfit or personal preference you might have.

Buy Amazon Echo Frames (2nd Gen) Smart Audio Glasses at Amazon, $270

Vuzix Blade Enhanced Smart Glasses

While these smart glasses are definitely one of the most expensive pairs on the list, the Vuzix Blade smart glasses are also among the best performing pairs. In addition to built-in speakers, voice control, an autofocus camera, and more, the smart glasses also come with several business apps. Vuzix designed the blade to merge digital images and in-glass instructions with real life to optimize tasks and improve safety. The integration of Augmented Reality (AR) into the lenses allows far more information to be presented directly to the user without being a major distraction.

Buy Vuzix Blade upgraded smart glasses on Amazon, $1000

Bose Frames Tenor smart glasses

One of the biggest names in audio also has its own line of smart glasses. The Bose Frames Tenor smart glasses are a new way to listen to music on the go. Instead of wearing bulky headphones, you can just slip on a pair of sunglasses and start listening right away. Bose smart glasses connect directly to your smartphone. In addition to listening to music, you can take calls and use your phone’s virtual assistant. The Tenor smart glasses also have a battery life of 5.5 hours, which is quite impressive for current generations of smart glasses.

Buy Bose Frames Tenor smart glasses on Amazon, $250

Razer Anzu Smart Glasses

For those who love video games, Razer is already a well-known brand for its many computers, keyboards and console accessories. The Razer Anzu Smart Glasses are designed to further enhance the gaming experience. With a focus on low latency sound, you can listen to game audio through the smart glasses while you game. In addition, the glasses come with blue light protection lenses so you won’t damage your eyes even after several hours. The 5-hour battery life allows for long gaming sessions and the built-in microphone lets you make a call and talk to your friend while you game. The smart glasses are currently on sale for just $60 from the usual $200 on Amazon.

Buy Razer Anzu Smart Glasses on Amazon, $60

Glasses 3 by Snapchat

Of all the social media companies to offer a pair of smart glasses, Snap’s Spectacles 3 makes the most sense. For an app that relies on instant messaging exclusively through photos and videos, having smart glasses that can capture images and post them immediately is incredibly handy. What makes smart glasses unique is that the cameras can shoot 3D footage specially designed for 3D viewing glasses or other compatible devices. Spectacles 3 also comes with a variety of Augmented Reality (AR) filters and animations that you can add directly to your video.

Buy Shows 3 by Snapchat on Amazon, $330

Soundcore Frames Tour Smart Bluetooth Audio Glasses

Soundcore by Anker is another well-known name in audio for creating smart glasses designed as a new way to experience music. The Soundcore Frames Tour Bluetooth Audio smart glasses are a basic, but quality pair of glasses. With 4 different speakers built into the temples of the glasses to provide a more complete audio experience. While the smart glasses can make calls and respond to voice commands, what really makes them unique is that the front rims are completely detachable from the arms. This means you can swap out glasses for a number of different frame styles without having to re-purchase expensive smartglass technology.

Buy Soundcore Frames Tour Bluetooth audio smart glasses on Amazon, $200

Bose Frames Alto Audio Sunglasses

In a second offering from Bose, the company has created a lighter and more affordable smart glasses option. Bose Frames Alto Audio sunglasses come with a slimmer frame and sleeker look while delivering the same audio quality. Manual arm controls and miniature Bose speakers let you fine-tune your volume and audio preferences without having to use your smartphone. So if you prefer slimline smart glasses from the same company, the Altos might be for you.

Buy Bose Frames Alto Audio Sunglasses on Amazon, $150

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