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She thought she won $20 – but didn’t wear her glasses to see the NC Lottery jackpot

A woman in eastern North Carolina thought her lottery ticket was worth $20, but she wasn’t wearing her glasses.

When she looked better, she realized she and her partner had won a $200,000 prize, according to the NC Education Lottery.

“I think we were in shock when we found out,” Tamara Burnette said on June 30 in a press release.

The couple’s good fortune began with a trip to a Publix store in Jacksonville, about 120 miles southeast of Raleigh and near the Camp Lejeune military base. At the supermarket, officials said the pair spent $5 on a ticket to the Cash Payout scratch game.

“We were in the parking lot and Tammy kept saying, ‘I think we won big,'” her partner, John Kopp, told the NC Education Lottery.

Burnette’s intuition was perfect, but she didn’t know it at first.

“I didn’t have my glasses on, so I thought it just said $20,” she told officials with a laugh. “Then I said, ‘Oh wait, there’s more. “”

The ticket had a few more zeros in it, meaning the couple won the top prize in the Cash Payout game. The couple, who live in Onslow County, kept $71,011 after taxes.

“Kopp said he would like to use the winnings to buy a new lawnmower and Burnette said she wanted to pay some bills,” the officials said in their statement.

This isn’t the first time someone checking a lottery ticket got it wrong. Earlier in June, a North Carolina gambler thought he won $600 before finding out his lucky ticket was worth much more, McClatchy News reported.

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