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Sellstrom XPS530 safety glasses review

Eye protection has always been at the forefront of personal protective equipment (PPE). Whether in the garage or on the job site, safety glasses can save your vision – and maybe even your life – if something goes wrong. For most employers, price is the primary consideration when it comes to PPE because they are buying in bulk. At the same time, the occasional mechanic or handyman also won’t want to spend more than a few dollars on a product they only use occasionally. So who wants to spend $ 15 to $ 20 on just one pair of safety glasses?

Many people. The truth is, the options for eye protection these days are almost endless. Price is always a factor, so the number of inexpensive safety glasses has increased exponentially. At the same time, the options for more comfortable and stylish safety glasses have also exploded. The value that a professional mechanic (or his employer) places on and is willing to spend on safety glasses is clearly different than what the average Joe is willing to give.

Matt Thorson

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During my time in the auto industry, I saw my fair share of safety glasses, struggled with most of them, and discovered some that make protecting your eyes a lot less frustrating and uncomfortable. Specifically, Sellstrom XPS530 Safety Glasses take comfort and design to a whole new level. But are they sacrificing performance for style? We bought a pair for just under $ 15 from Lowes and tested them out to see if the contemporary design helps or hinders the safety factor.

Sellstrom Safety Glasses

Matt Thorson

A handy strap provides a more secure option to keep the goggles in place and on your face, very handy for leaning over an engine bay on a hot, sweaty day.

Unpacking Sellstrom XPS530 Safety Glasses

Looking at the packaging, these glasses don’t look too unusual. But the moment they’re opened and all the freebies drop, you know you’ve got something special. These yellow and black glasses come with options for your wearing pleasure and an instruction page to walk you through the features.

The glasses come with the typical temples with hinge points on either side of the glasses, but just behind each of these hinges are buttons that release the temples and allow you to attach an elastic strap instead. This strap, combined with the foam insert and slightly flexible frames, maximizes the seal around your eyes. The removable foam insert provides superior protection when needed and is easily removed if not.

Get rid of it with Sellstrom XPS530 safety glasses

  • Good: The versatility of eyewear is unmatched and comfort and affordability mean they should be high on your list of consideration.
  • Bad: With the removable foam insert, they tend to fog up very easily, especially in the humid heat of East Texas where I live and work.
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I decided to put these glasses to a test which I used for several other safety glasses with very interesting results. My son’s BB pistol delivers a small, fast, controlled projectile, so I shot the scopes into my backyard. In case you were wondering, no one wore the glasses when I was aiming, although it could have been fun.

The glasses took a total of five hits in various places. One on each of the lenses, one of which ricocheted down the frame leaving a slight deformation but in no way interrupting the operation of the glasses. One hit hit the dead center between the lenses, arguably the most vulnerable spot, with no damage to report.

Sellstrom XPS530 hinges

Matt Thorson

The arms are easily removable, but these hinges are sturdy enough to shoot a BB gun.

The fourth and fifth shots were aimed at the joint where the strong ear cups or elastic strap was attached to the frame, but like the other shots, the glasses took him like a champ. The glasses are very similar to the popular men’s wrap around sunglasses with thick, sporty frames, and due to the strength of these frames, they ignored the shrapnel attacks like a horse hits a fly, annoyed but not hurt at all.

As impressive as the durability is, the glasses surprised me in the store as well. I found myself wearing them all day, spending time under the rack and under the hood of different platforms. The rubber ear cups kept the goggles in place and while the rubber nosepiece was comfortable, it positioned the goggles a bit high for my liking. Whether I was changing the oil or lubricating the chassis, I wasn’t worried about dirt falling or oil splashing my eyes.

Sellstrom XPS530 Ventilated Foam Orbit Safety Glasses

Matt Thorson

Similar in style to popular wrap shades, Sellstroms have a ventilated foam orbit insert that’s perfect for keeping sweat and debris out of your eyes as you work.

What’s good about Sellstrom XPS530 safety glasses

The Sellstrom SPS530 are tough, comfortable, stylish and versatile safety glasses with features beyond the everyday needs of the average technician. They offer many different ways to protect your eyes and at a price that doesn’t have to break the bank.

The lenses have a slight polarization, so wearing them indoors or outdoors and switching between them is not a problem. Another feature claimed on the website where these glasses were purchased claims a magnification of 2.0, but the pair I received has no magnification. Best of all, these lenses are tough as nails and should protect your eyes from all kinds of dangers, even flying debris and shards. In fact, the lenses meet the requirements of US military standard MIL-PRF-31013 as well as ANSI Z87.1 2015 standards.

The foam orbit insert is similar to those you will find on motorcycle goggles. As tough as these lenses and frames are, they would be a sturdy eyewear option for bikers.

Detachable arms for Sellstrom XPS530 safety glasses

Matt Thorson

The arms are removable and the optional headband snaps into place.

What does not apply to Sellstrom XPS530 safety glasses

Between the comfort, style and protection offered with the Sellstrom XPS530 safety glasses, it’s hard to find anything wrong here. If I had one complaint it would be that the glasses tend to fog up in humid and hot environments. Several times I found myself having to take off the glasses to clean or wipe the lenses.

The purpose of safety glasses is to protect your eyes. If you have to take them out every 20 minutes to wipe them off, you run the risk of getting something in your eyes. And, it’s annoying.

Our verdict on Sellstrom XPS530 safety glasses

If you are looking for a pair of safety glasses that does a lot of things, offers a lot of features, and instructions on how to use those features, then these glasses are for you. They have a sturdy frame, they look great and they are more comfortable than most safety glasses in this segment.

I would love to see other frame color options (all black, duh) but regardless, I highly recommend the Sellstrom XPS530 safety glasses. From under the hood of your daily job to regular maintenance, to cutting out your rat rod project, these goggles offer a competent and comfortable solution for eye protection.

Safety glasses faq

You have questions. The reader has answers!

Q. Why are safety glasses important in the workplace?

A. Wearing safety glasses can greatly reduce the risk of injury when working in areas where flying particles are a risk.

Q. Are wearing safety glasses all day bad for your eyes?

A. The short answer is no – wearing safety glasses cannot damage your vision.

Q. What are OSHA approved safety glasses?

A. OSHA approved safety glasses must have markings specified by ANSI Z87 of the American National Standards Institute. 1-2010 standard on lenses and frames.

Q. Are prescription safety glasses available?

A. Yes, the safety glasses are available in non-RX, RX and non-RX variants suitable for the glasses. Prescription limitations may vary depending on certain styles of frames.

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