Color blind glasses

School supports color-blind students with special glasses

WILSON, Ark. (KAIT) – Company gives students chance to overcome barriers of color blindness and classroom learning.

On Monday, EnChroma announced that the Rivercrest School District would make its EnChroma glasses available to color-blind students to address the issue.

According to a press release, color-blind students will be able to borrow the glasses for tests, homework and subjects where color interpretation is a factor.

EnChroma said approximately 127,500 Arkansans are color blind. Additionally, 50 of the 1,220 students in the Rivercrest School District are color blind.

“The look on the face of one of my colorblind first graders when he put on the EnChroma glasses was priceless,” said Merideth Elder, art teacher for Rivercrest Schools. “I asked him, ‘How’s it going with the glasses and without the glasses?’ He said, “When I don’t have these glasses on [colored] the balloons seemed empty. I found “EMPTY” a pretty powerful description coming from a first year student. “

“We are thrilled to be the first school district in Arkansas to address the needs of students who have impaired color vision, a condition that can impact learning but is often overlooked. “said Shantele Raper, assistant superintendent of the Rivercrest School District. “We look forward to seeing our color blind students benefit from EnChroma glasses in our schools.”

To learn more about EnChroma glasses, visit their website.

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