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Razer Anzu smart glasses vs Soundcore frames: which ones to buy

The Razer Anzu smart glasses and Soundcore frames have built-in speakers and microphones that pair with the phone or computer, and they both cost $ 199.99.

Razer, the company known for its gaming peripherals and laptops, also has a pair of smart glasses called the Anzu smart glasses. It has built-in speakers and microphones and can be connected to a phone or computer to make calls or listen to music. Soundcore, a brand of Anker, has also started selling Soundcore Frames, a pair of glasses with built-in speakers that can be used to take calls or listen to music by pairing via Bluetooth with a compatible device. Both glasses serve the same function, but which one should a buyer buy?

Smart glasses have become the latest trend in the wearable space. A few tech companies currently have one or more smart glasses on the market. Snapchat’s Spectacles series launched in 2016 and is now in its third generation. Huawei’s partnership with South Korean brand Gentle Monster has spawned two smart glasses while Facebook has teamed up with Ray-Ban for the Ray-Ban Stories. Amazon has also launched two smart glasses as part of its Echo Frames line, and audio giant Bose offers more than three audio sunglasses.


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The Anzu smart glasses and Soundcore frames are both priced at $ 199.99. However, their similarities extend beyond their price tags. Both are smart audio glasses with built-in open-ear speakers that connect via Bluetooth to a phone or computer, just like a headset. They also have microphones so owners can use them to make calls. Depending on the lenses, both smart glasses provide blue light protection to reduce eye strain or protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The Anzu smart glasses and Soundcore Frames are also compatible with corrective lenses. They’re also rated IPX4 for sweat and splash protection and feature touch-sensitive controls. Both glasses are not only compatible with iOS and Android devices and the voice assistant on these devices, but also have a companion app on the App Store and Play Store to personalize the experience they offer.

A case of personal preference

Razer Anzu smart glasses vs Soundcore frames

Anzu smart glasses are slightly different from Soundcore frames in terms of appearance. The former is available in two sizes with the option for rectangular or round lenses. It also comes with preinstalled blue light filtering lenses and replacement polarized lenses for UVA / UVB protection. Razer has partnered with Lensabl and is offering a discount for those who want corrective lenses. Soundcore offers eight different sunglasses options and two eyewear options, all with shatterproof lenses. This makes it even better by allowing buyers to pick up additional frames for $ 49.99. Without the need for tools, owners can easily swap out mounts by detaching the audio temples and attaching them to the mount of their choice. A virtual trial page on the Soundcore website and app will allow you to try out a frame before purchasing it. Soundcore says the glasses are compatible with prescription lenses, but buyers will have to source them themselves.

Razer and Soundcore are both known for their many audio products, so it’s no surprise that they carried that experience over to their smart glasses. Razer claims its smart glasses feature a 60ms low latency Bluetooth connection for smooth, uninterrupted audio, while Soundcore takes pride in its OpenSurround audio system. While both support voice assistants on the device they’re connected to, Soundcore Frames have their own local voice assistants that users can use to control music playback and calls. Soundcore’s smart glasses also have a slightly longer battery life of 30 minutes and also support fast charging.

See like the Razer Anzu Smart Glasses and Soundcore frames have the same price tag and mostly similar features, it all comes down to buyer’s preference. However, Soundcore Frames have a slight advantage with their modular design and slightly longer battery life.

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