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Platinum Jubilee champagne glasses sell out in seconds

A set of champagne glasses specially ordered to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee this year has already sold out.

The glasses, which come as a pair for £120, are already sold out, with sets selling out the same day they were promoted to potential buyers.

Sold on the Royal Collection shop website, the limited-edition sets were promoted to Royal Collection Trust subscribers on Friday and sold out almost immediately, according to The telegraph.

The glasses, which are saucer-shaped, feature the numeral EIIR to celebrate Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee and have been made in a limited edition of just 70 sets – one for each year the Queen has been on the throne.

Also on sale is a £19 crystal glass with the Platinum Jubilee crest, as well as a limited edition tankard costing £40.

Among the non-drinks items ordered to mark the milestone occasion are a £125 pillbox clock and a £45 pillbox, both sold out.

The same goes for tea cups, mugs, umbrellas, bags, tea towels and cookie tubes, with the few remaining commemorative items still available for sale including a Christmas bauble and chocolate bar. with milk.

According to The telegraph, it’s no surprise that limited-edition Royal products sell out, but Platinum Jubilee products have proven particularly popular.