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PHOTOS: New Mardi Gras clothes, eyewear and more at Universal Studios Florida’s Tribute Store

This year’s Mardi Gras Tribute Store opened at Universal Studios Florida and with it a ton of new Mardi Gras merchandise. Here are all the new clothes, mugs and more we found in the store.

Mardi Gras Planet T-shirt – $30

This tee is black and says “Planet Mardi Gras” with the blue-skinned “Rocking King” flying past a jester planet and a rocket ship.

Mardi Gras Card Holder – $18

This card holder features another blue-skinned astronaut under the words “Planet Mardi Gras”.

Card slots are on the other side.

Mardi Gras Planet Tank Top – $35

This tank is similar to the Rocking King tee, but features the Rocket Queen instead.

She is wrapped in pearls and flies alongside her own rocket.

Mardi Gras Planet Mug – $16

This black mug features the same design as the card holder.

It’s green inside.

It also has more spatial imagery, like a rocket leaving behind a jetstream of piano keys and colorful planets.

He says “Party out of this world!”

Mardi Gras stemless glass – $15

These first two glasses feature the Mardi Gras and King Gator logos.

Tall Mardi Gras glass – $17

The bottom of this glass is purple.

Mardi Gras beer glass – $17

Finally, this glass says “Stronger, wilder, spicier”, with some images of Mardi Gras.

The Mardi Gras at Universal logo is on the other side.

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