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Oly Sport opens Testnet to offer VR glasses and NFT horses to top riders – European Gaming Industry News

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The Oly Sport Limited Testnet will run from December 28-30 with valuable giveaways for top players.

Following the established schedule, Oly Sport is ready to enter the Testnet phase during the last week of December. Oly Sport is a horse racing game built on the Binance Smart Chain platform with a unique game mechanic and peculiar horse breeding system.

After a long wait, Oly Sport officially announced the first round of Testnet from December 28-30. This is a critical step to prepare for the Mainnet, so Oly Sport will offer unique slots to those who have supported the project from the early days, specifically as follows:


  • Top 1-3: Oculus Quest 2
  • Top 50: Prize draw to win purebred horses (Total horses: 6 horses of 3 breeds, 2 of each breed)

(With the exception of the price, no data at Testnet stage will be transferred to the main network)

In addition to the rewards, Testnet participants will gain a better understanding of the game mechanics, how to earn $ OLY from races, and the impact of $ OLY on the economy of the game. This experience will play a crucial role in improving the version. Oly Sport final for the development team.

Oly Sport is the latest project from CEO Jimmy Chan and his team of startups in Canada. Jimmy Chan started with a real estate company called Odyssey 3D, which quickly became the Top 100 companies in Ontario, Canada.

Revolutionizing traditional horse racing

Oly Sport is a game that follows the metaverse trend, solves the traditional problem using blockchain, and is the only game that doesn’t track betting like classic horse racing. In addition, the $ OLY token will be secured by tangible assets – natural land.

Unique horse system

Oly Sport NFT horses are characterized by different DNA, lineage, genotype, generation, rarity, coat color and genetic potential. Each horse is a different being which brings different values. That’s why Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan spent 80,000 BUSD to buy a Majestic Sam Horse at Oly Sport’s first auction on November 29th.

Exceptional economic system

Not only does it provide a unique mechanical racing experience to win, but Oly Sport also helps players become “shareholders” of actual racetracks – something no other NFT game can do.

Celebrity support

The development team’s long-term vision and strategy has made Oly Sport more and more popular. The NFT horse racing project has received a lot of support from prestigious sports journalist Fabrizio Romano, famous car vlogger Supercar Blondie, Shark Tank Shark Kevin O’Leary.