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Observe the seas of Okinawa with these breathtaking glasses

With their exquisite color, shading, texture and sandblasted patterns, these beautiful glasses from the Ryukyuan Islands truly resemble manta rays, sea turtles and whales swimming in the sea.

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This is “Ryukyuan Glass: Sea Creatures”, a glass made of shibori Ryukyuan glass with a unique texture.


Photo: grape store

The glass depicts humpback whales, whale sharks and other sea creatures swimming majestically in the seas of Ryukyuan.

Air bubbles, characteristic of Ryukyuan glass, correspond to the mysterious underwater atmosphere. The wavy texture of shibori glass creates a wave effect, and the color gradation from light blue to dark blue is reminiscent of the beautiful colors of the ocean.

The design of the creatures swimming happily in the sea is created by sandblasting, a technique in which sand is blown onto glass at high pressure to create detailed patterns.

As the glasses are handcrafted by artisans, the gradation of the colors, the subtle variation in the depth of the patterns, the size and the arrangement of the air bubbles will vary from one glass to another. Each is unique.


Photo: Grape Japan

When the light hits this glass, you’ll truly feel like you’re looking at the shimmering sea on a sunny day off the islands of Okinawa. The beautiful gradation and majestic swimming sea creatures will surely soothe your soul.

Check out the Ryukyuan Glass: Sea Creatures at Grape Shop.

What happens when you pour a drink

While you can enjoy “Ryukyuan Glass: Sea Creatures” as a beautiful item to decorate your home, its natural purpose is obviously to hold your favorite beverages, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t show you what it looks like when you’re looking at it. use.

For example, when you pour sparkling water into it, the bubbles create an even more mysterious underwater atmosphere.


Photo: grape store

This is what it looks like when pouring beer. Pouring colored drinks into the glass changes the hue and creates a different effect.


Photo: grape store

Looking at the wave-like pattern of the glass, the countless air bubbles and the beautiful blue gradation, it really puts your mind at ease. It would surely be soothing to use when you are tired from work or feeling down.

Check out the Ryukyuan Glass: Sea Creatures at Grape Shop.

Other beautiful glasses depicting ocean landscapes

At Grape Shop, you can also find other glasses depicting ocean landscapes.

For example, we also recommend the “Shabon Glass: Sea Creatures” which takes on different shades of color depending on how the light hits it.


Photo: grape store

Lightweight Shabon glass will delight you with its beauty, different from Ryukyuan glass.

Check out Shabon Glass: Sea Creatures at Grape Shop.

Grape Shop offers a variety of glass designs with sandblasted designs, like this glass with floating jellyfish.


Photo: grape store

Check out the sandblasted glass series at Grape Shop.

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