Color blind glasses

New data glasses for industry

Image: Vuzix

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The Vuzix Blade 2, slated for availability in September, is a new pair of data glasses for employees who work hands-free.

Vuzix is ​​a veteran in the data glasses market. The New York-based company has been producing devices for industry since 1997.

With the Vuzix Blade, it entered the mainstream market for the first time in 2019, apparently with little success. The successor, Vuzix Blade 2 announced this week, again caters to the company’s core customer base. Vuzix cites healthcare, construction, training, security and retail as potential markets.

The data glasses feature a waveguide display that resolves to 480 by 480 color pixelsoffers a 16.8 degree field sight, and would shine bright enough to use the device even outdoors. The brightness is over 2000 nits.

Remote headset for industry

According to Vuzix, they designed the Data Glasses for the “needs of networked employees,” according to Vuzix. Designed for hands-free use, the glasses offer head tracking, a touchpad and support for voice control. It also offers HD photography and video streaming. Employees can log in and see what the wearer sees. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support ensure connectivity.


The built-in Qualcomm processor runs Android 11, and the data glasses support easy integration with major MDM tools, along with 40GB of storage and enhanced security mechanisms.

Available in September

The AR headset has ANSI Z87.1 approval for protective and safety glasses. The microphones support noise cancellation for noisy work environments. Vision correction lenses are also available.

The Vuzix Blade 2 can be ordered from the Vuzix website starting in September. The also offers a comparison with other devices from the manufacturer. Data Glasses ships to the US, EU, UK, Canada, and Japan. The price is $1,299.

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