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Max Verstappen wants to ‘buy everyone’s glasses’ after two near-misses during US GP practice | F1 | sport

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen sent an ironic message to the other riders on the grid, suggesting he “must buy them all the glasses” after two near misses during practice for the US Grand Prix.

On Friday, the championship leader faced his main title rival Lewis Hamilton, who passed the Dutchman in training for the United States Grand Prix in Austin.

The 24-year-old called Hamilton a “dumb idiot” and raised his middle finger at him after the pair faced off on the Circuit of the Americas. Red Bull racing engineer Giampiero Lambiase replied “ignore it, don’t worry”.

Verstappen then had a second collision with the two Haas riders, going about their business, not realizing that a Red Bull in charge was coming up behind them, prompting the pit wall to ask, “Do I need to ask what happened? “

“I need to buy glasses for people,” Verstappen replied.

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“I don’t think there is much to read,” Horner said on Friday.

“It’s really like a playground activity. So obviously Max had passed Lewis earlier in the lap, then Lewis obviously felt he wanted to pass Max at the end of this lap and then they did the turn, drove to the first turn.

“Then it all got a bit complicated. I think Max indicated that he would have been the first on the road. So I wouldn’t have read too much about it.”

Horner continued: “He [Verstappen] could not take a tour, in its entirety.

“I think we had enough information to make it comparable, in Sector 1. It aborted at turn 12. So we had enough information with what we had seen so far.”

Verstappen currently leads by six points ahead of Sunday’s race, with just six races left to be crowned world champion this season.

Qualifying begins at 10 p.m., with fires extinguished Sunday at 8 p.m.

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