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Made in Teku Beer Glass Review 2021: The Best Beer Glasses

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  • The direct-to-consumer kitchenware brand Made In recently launched Teku-style beer glasses.
  • We’re fans of their tulip shape and relatively thick titanium-reinforced shatter-proof glass.
  • We’ve tried them with everything from cheap beer to fine microbreweries and cider. Here are our thoughts.

I’m the type of person who drinks plain lagers most of the time. And while I like beer, I don’t like to bother too much with it, so by default I drink Coors or Budweiser.

So when I was approached to try Made In’s Teku-style beer glasses, I had my reservations. As far as I’m concerned, Budweiser and Coors’ Banquet beer tastes perfectly like a can and fits perfectly into my HydroFlask Cooler Cup.

But, on second thought, maybe the reason I struggled to get into microbreweries is that I don’t have the right container. Suddenly a few stemmed beer glasses seemed like a potentially worthy addition to my kitchen cabinets.

What is a Teku beer glass?

If you’ve ever tasted beer, there’s a good chance you’ve come across glasses of this shape. It is basically a wine glass with a certain flourish and is also referred to as a tulip glass for pretty obvious reasons.

A relatively new design in the field of beer, Italian beer experts Teo Musso and Lorenzo “Kuaska” Dabove brought the Teku (a coat rack named after the duo) to life in 2006 as a glass suitable for all beers. The 14-ounce bulbous bowl and tulip-shaped rim are what defines the glass, and they’re designed to deliver the most aroma, focusing it near the top.

“This shape allows the beer to cascade, almost like a waterfall, over the rim as you drink,” Mandy naglich, Advanced Cicerone and reporter told me. This resulting movement “forces the volatile aromas of the hops, malt, and fermentation character out of solution and into the air just as the glass is under your nose. It’s like a huge serving of the best parts. of the aroma of beer when you drink it. “

The bulb shape is also no different from a wine glass with plenty of room for your nose to pick up the aromas, but the tapered edge also supports the “head” or foam of the beer by “forcing it”. on herself [and] creating a more compact, foam-like texture that will last longer (and look better!) than beers poured into your standard pint. “

Naglich also said not to overlook the inclusion of a rod, which you can hold to keep some beers, like lagers, cold, or bypass to warm others, like stouts, with your hand.

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