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Lost Ark LED Glasses: How to Get Stat and Virtue Bonuses

Lost Ark has caught the attention of many players, and with its unique classes, treasure maps, and enemies like dungeon bosses, there’s plenty to do in the game. But sometimes you might want to customize your avatar, and various cosmetics allow it. Therefore, today we are going to review the Lost Ark LED glasses.

Lost Ark LED Glasses

Lost Ark – Blue LED Glasses

There are certainly plenty of customizations available in Lost Ark. You can build different builds like Scrapper Build, Deadeye Build or those that use the DPS Meter; you can craft the Striker version in Lost Ark.

But if you want to change the look of your avatar, there’s no better way to do it than by using the Lost Ark LED Goggles.

Where to get LED glasses?

LED glasses cannot yet be purchased directly from anywhere. But you might have noticed that every time you log in daily, you get a reward. If you continue like this, on the 25th day you will be presented with a glasses selection box.

You can choose from 4 glasses, and they are bound to the class list. Unfortunately, you can’t change lenses once you have them, so be sure to choose the color you actually want. You can preview the glasses by pressing CTRL + right click.

Unique LED Glasses and Virtue Stat Bonuses

Different glasses
Lost Ark – Different LED Glasses

As mentioned, you can choose from 4 different Lost Ark LED glasses. You can get different virtue points depending on which one you choose:

  • LED Goggles (Black) – Wisdom +5
  • LED Goggles (Silver) – Courage +5
  • LED Glasses (Red) – Charisma +5
  • LED Glasses (Blue) – Kindness +5

Besides that, there is no real difference. You can just look cooler as you navigate the various ships in search of the best Lost Ark hunting spots or perhaps the best crews.

Additionally, each of the glasses has a looping animation on the glasses that switches from various visuals such as the “Lost Ark” text to emojis for the eyes.

With this you know everything about LED glasses. They don’t do much but add a bit of spice to your avatar.

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