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How to remove scratches from glasses (and avoid them in the first place)


  • How to remove scratches

  • How to avoid scratches

Scratches on your glasses can be very annoying, whether you need an optical device to see a few feet in front of you or you are just wearing sunglasses while driving. This is because even a small scratch can obstruct your view if it is right in front of your eyes. In addition, scratches can damage the layers on Sun glasses, reducing their effectiveness in blocking UV rays.

The lenses of most glasses are plastic rather than glass. This is because plastic is lighter and more impact resistant. The lenses also have coatings to improve their performance. Eyeglasses may have anti-glare coatings, while sunglasses will have UV coatings and, in some cases, polarization coatings. That’s why it’s so important to be careful when cleaning glasses – you don’t want to damage those important layers. Here’s what you can do to remove small scratches from your lenses.

How to remove scratches

First of all, you should always start by removing excess dust and dirt with a microfiber cloth. It is best to rinse the glasses first with lukewarm water before wiping them with the microfiber cloth; you want to avoid spreading dirt around. We’ve all made t-shirt wiping a snap, but it’s always best to stick with one microfiber cloth if you have one on hand. This is because even the softest touch cotton t-shirts have a texture too coarse for the glasses. You run the risk of scratching your glasses when wearing your shirt.

A simple solution to removing small scratches is to mix a paste of baking soda and water.

  • First, form a paste using a few tablespoons of baking soda and enough water to form a thick paste.

  • Gently rub the solution onto your lenses using a clean microfiber cloth.

  • Finally, rinse everything and wipe dry with another clean microfiber cloth.

How to avoid scratches

By far the best way to protect your glasses from scratches is to prevent them from happening in the first place. And the best way to do it is also the most obvious: keep them in a case and use a microfiber cloth to clean them regularly.

Of course, your glasses probably come with a case and a cloth. But it may be worth having several sets of cases and clothes that you keep in different places – one set in your office or work locker and another set in your car or commuter backpack, for example. example. Also, having different types of cases may be suitable for different situations. A hard case can be useful for storing your backpack while you travel, while a thinner soft case can be useful for everyday use on the go.

These are some of the best eyeglass cases and accessories for preventing and removing scratches.

1. A New Day sunglasses case

This option from the house brand of Target A New Day features a foldable design – the triangular shape makes it sturdy when the glasses are inside, but it can be easily folded and stowed away when wearing the glasses.

A New Day Sunglasses Case, Remove Scratches on Glasses

A New Day Sunglasses Case, Remove Scratches on Glasses

Buy: Target A New Day Sunglasses Case $ 8.00

2. Coach sunglasses case

Maybe you’ll be more likely to use your glasses case if it has a more eye-catching design. This Coach holster is available in bright yellow and features an adjustable drawstring for easier carrying. It is made of sophisticated pebble leather.

elimination of scratches on glasses

elimination of scratches on glasses

Buy: Coach Sunglasses Case $ 44.80

3. MAKR Suede Glasses Sleeve

This case comes from MAKR, a small design studio specializing in leather accessories. The case is made in the USA from premium suede and leather, and it comes in a variety of colors. This is a good option if you want a slim case for everyday use, rather than a bulkier hard case.

elimination of scratches on glasses

elimination of scratches on glasses

Buy: MAKR Sunglasses Case $ 75.00

4. Graf Lantz spectacle sleeve

Wool may seem like a rough material for sunglasses, but this case is made from soft merino wool. Graf Lantz’s made in the USA pouch comes in a ton of colors, and it has a convenient pull tab for carrying or hanging in your bag.

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Graf Lantz Eyeglasses Sleeve, eyeglass scratch removal

Graf Lantz Eyeglasses Sleeve, eyeglass scratch removal

Buy: Graf Lantz Sunglasses Case $ 28.00

5. Optix 55 microfiber cleaning cloths

You don’t need anything fancy for microfiber cloths. But it’s a good idea to stock up. Microfiber cloths should be washed in the washing machine regularly so they don’t spill the dirt from your last cleaning session, which is why it’s best to have spare parts while others are in the wash. Another great reason to stock up is that microfiber cloths are ridiculously easy to lose. These cloths come in sets of 12, and you can choose between purple or gray

Optix 55 microfiber cleaning cloths, removal of scratches on glasses

Optix 55 microfiber cleaning cloths, removal of scratches on glasses

Buy: Pack of 12 Optix 55 Microfiber Cleaning Cloths $ 8.95


6. Zeiss anti-fog wipes

Fogging of glasses was a problem before the pandemic, but it was exacerbated by the need to wear face masks. Wearing face masks that fit properly on your nose is the best way to prevent fogging (as well as spreading the virus). But for extra help, Zeiss Anti-Fog Wipes help keep your glasses clear. The 30 individually wrapped wipes help keep your glasses from fogging up. While it doesn’t directly help with scratches, keeping your glasses from fogging up makes it less likely that you will use your t-shirt to wipe down your glasses.

zeiss anti-fog wipes

zeiss anti-fog wipes

Buy: Zeiss Anti-Fog Wipes $ 6.99

7. Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda

For our final article, we had to include a box of baking soda. While you probably already have one at home (probably in your fridge to avoid bad smells), it’s always good to do more! As stated above, if you find you have some scratches and aren’t ready to buy a new pair, try this can of baking soda.

How To Remove Scratches From Glasses, Arm & Pure Baking Soda Hammer

how to remove scratches from glasses, Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda

Buy: Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda $ 6.30 (Orig. $ 7.29) 14% off

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