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Here’s how to catch those fancy golden glasses in Love Is Blind

Love is blind is back for season 2 and netflix recently uploaded the final five episodes before the grand finale and fans loved it. Most of the elements of the show have been the same as Season 1 — the pods, the process, and the fast-paced engagements — and those extra fancy gold glasses.

Fans noticed metallic glasses in Season 1 and saw them even more in Season 2. They’ve been used in Pods, Lodgings, Dates, and Apartments and we’re here to tell you how you can take some for yourself.

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Love is blind. Image: Netflix press kit

Where to find the glasses

The props department is clearly a fan of the medieval-vibe goggles, and they’ve been featured in almost every episode before.

There are a variety of places where you can buy the glasses online and all at varying prices depending on the quality and where you buy from.

We did some research and found the best low and high priced products we could find, check them out:

Stainless steel threshold glasses – $7

Welinks Stainless Steel Wine – $22.99

Vanlink Champagne – $25.29

Backyard Bum Premium Solid Stainless Steel Wine – $25.99

Gusto Nostro Stainless Steel Wine – $31.99

Fans are obsessed with glasses

Twitter has gone crazy on the boujie glasses and the fans couldn’t stop talking about it. One person had a sarcastic sting on reality TV and said,

the Love is blind opaque metal wine glasses solve an essential reality TV problem: you have to get everyone drunk, but you can’t have anything in the shot that reveals how things are put together non-chronologically into a final product


Another said,

Y’all, why do they make them drink out of those metal wine glasses every episode?! They sponsor the show or something lol #LoveIsBlind


Even journalist Danielle Grossman had some thoughts on the products and tweeted,

The product placement for these gold wine glasses is unreal. They’re in every scene… and you know what we’re talking about and I actually googled where they came from.


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The last five episodes

netflix finally uploaded the next five episodes of the series on February 18. The next five show the couples as they attempt to navigate the influential and all-important two weeks before the wedding.

We see the girls finding their perfect wedding dresses as well as the bachelor and bachelorette parties and meeting the parents. In terms of drama, let’s just say there’s no shortage.

Some couples manage to make it through, but others end up not just calling off the wedding, but calling off the relationship altogether.

You can watch the next five episodes on netflix now and the Finale will be released on February 25.



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