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Google unveils new Pixel tablet and previews augmented reality glasses

An updated Android 13, AI efforts, new Pixel mobile hardware, including a new watch, and a brief preview of what the new version of augmented reality glasses could be were all in the spotlight during from Google I/O, Alphabet’s annual developer conference, on Wednesday.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has promised a new Pixel tablet powered by Google’s own Tensor chip that will be released next year. Few other details have been released about the tablet, but Pichai said the device would be the “perfect companion to Pixel with a larger form factor.”

Artificial intelligence has been a major theme this year as many companies, including Intel, are positioning themselves to take advantage of emerging technologies. Google has promised to start making its AI language model open source. The company also said machine translations would be coming to its YouTube mobile app and unveiled an eye-activated Nest Hub Max and real-time grocery shopping assistance on a Pixel.

Also on the Pixel front, the company unveiled its mid-size Pixel 6A, starting at $449 and available for pre-order on July 21. The phone will retain the Pixel 6’s Tensor chip but take a pretty good approach to its camera, dropping the megapixel count from 50MP to 12MP. And while Google took a lot of shots at Apple last year for its lack of a headphone jack, the 6A will also ditch the feature.

The company teased the public with some renders of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, which will be released in the fall. The cameras will feature a slightly different layout than the Pixel 6 lineup. But the company is keeping other details and specs under wraps.

Google has confirmed more details on the previously leaked Pixel Watch, which will feature an update to Wear OS 3 and Fitbit integration to track health metrics. There’s no word on cost yet, but the company says the wearable will drop this fall along with the flagship Pixel 7 smartphone.

Goole also unveiled the Pixel Buds with active noise cancellation. The $199 headphones will have an estimated seven-hour battery life, even with noise cancellation turned on. The company offers two-device support with multipoint Bluetooth and a custom audio chip. Pre-ordering is set to begin on July 21.

Google’s latest attempt at AR glasses may have failed in the consumer market (enterprise versions are still used), but the company isn’t giving up as competitors prepare their own AR and reality products. virtual for the metaverse. Google gave a brief preview of new glasses capable of real-time translation during a live chat. The goosebumps-inducing spot did not convey any specifications or release information or even if this product will be released to consumers.

Android 13 will simply flatten and extend the functionality already found on Android 12. Google is adding Material You themes, allowing users to customize their apps. The beta version is available to test now.

“All of this is in service of our mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful,” Google’s Pichai said during his keynote.