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Glasses have a moment (and Carrie Bradshaw approves)

In the sixth season of Sex and the city, there’s an episode where Samantha pulls out a pair of specs for reading the brunch menu, but comes up against the questioning, slightly sniffling looks of Carrie and Miranda (one suspects they would have looked less surprised if she had pulled out a dildo from her purse Actually, when she did just that in LA – gifts from Garth the dildo model – there were less raised eyebrows). “Yes, I need glasses and I’m not ashamed,” she retorts. “I have a sexy young man who loves to fuck me and I am fabulous”. Indeed.

Samantha, as usual, was right. Fast forward to now, and the opening scene of And just like that sees our three remaining quartets wearing glasses themselves. Carrie’s “Meryl” square wire frames are from the Berlin brand Mykita, Gender and city Most underrated style star Miranda is a Moscot girl ‘Militzen’ (Big and Stanford also wear Moscot) and Charlotte’s is said to be from Warby Parker. In a show where each style choice is so specifically taken into account, so polished – and the props often deserve their own plot – this is no accident. Sure, they’re an obvious shortcut to aging (a topic explicitly touched upon in the opening scenes) but in Bradshaw’s Manhattan, practicality has never trumped fashion (or for that matter the budget; these women could easily afford laser eye surgery; Miranda did – in season three). They are a deliberate and ambitious style choice.

Karen Pittman in And just like that © And just like that

While we’d be ridiculous to declare the glasses “in” or “back” (yell at my sexy and specious classmates Samanthas), many of us think about it more than ever. All that screen time over the past two years has been bad news for us. ‘They]are not designed to be attached to a single object for a long time. When we focus on our screens, our eyes become stressed and strained, ”says[Specsavers[Specsavers[Specsavers[SpecsaversDirector of Clinical Services Giles Edmonds. (In a survey conducted by the retailer, 60% of people admitted to spending more than five hours a day looking at their devices).

According to Tom Broughton, founder of Cubits, there is another reason for this renewed interest. “The foreclosure has certainly impacted demand, but maybe not in the way you would expect. One of the biggest lessons from blockages is how used to looking at little thumbnails of our own faces – often for hours and hours. As such, we have become much more aware of the frames we wear and the impact this has on our image ”.

Now, as we continue to navigate the delicate world of hybrid work – with mixed results – forget the tired “sweatpants versus suit” debate. A much more pressing style conundrum (certainly for anyone struggling to read this right now) is: contacts or glasses?

To what I say: why miss the opportunity to accessorize? The need and seal of approval of consummate cool girls like Ella Emhoff, means specs have a time. As Cassie Smart, Head of Women’s Clothing at Matchsmode, says: “Our client styles them the same way they would style a necklace or hair accessory. We had a fantastic response to the most unconventional shapes, with our client moving towards bold, oversized acetate frames, while maintaining the classic colors of black and tortoise shell. The highlights were Loewe, Celine and Dior‘.

Ella Emhoff wears glasses

Ella Emhoff © Getty

Shameless oversized frames are all the rage now. “Since the start of the new season, the popularity of bold ’70s and’ 80s colors and on-trend oversized styles has increased dramatically,” says cutler and brut design director Marie Wilkinson who attributes it, in part, to the Gucci House effect (consult the brand 1394 oversized aviators and 1395 round optics if these are your jams).

Zack Harvey, design director for iconic American brand Moscot, agrees. “As glasses are perhaps the most important accessory that one can wear and say about their sense of style and their taste (since a frame is on the face), we notice the willingness of people to wear very bold frames these days, ”he says. “As a traditional eyewear brand we’ve always had timeless styles that remain relevant and popular, but lately I’ve seen a slight increase in some of our larger and thicker frame styles in round shapes. and square ”. Founded in 1915, Moscot has a prestigious lineage – carried by everyone from Jeff Goldblum to Jenna Lyons, from Andy Warhol to Demi Moore; Harvey is a fifth generation of the family behind him – but he knows how to look to the future: their blue light glasses are specially designed to provide a more comfortable experience for anyone viewing a digital screen. Side note: I have yet to meet a man who doesn’t look better in a pair of Moscot frames (see Oscar Isaac in Scenes from a wedding).

Demi Moore wears glasses

Demi Moore © Getty

How do you find your perfect pair then? Broughton advises that fit is everything. “Pick a frame that fits your nose well, ideally with an upper eyebrow that follows your eyebrows – whatever you do, don’t put your eyebrows in the glasses. Likewise, the arms should bend just at the start of your ears. In terms of style, the old adage is to shift the geometry of your face. In other words, go for a frame that has the opposite characteristic (this may involve choosing a square frame for a round face). But I think it’s less relevant right now – the bolder your choice, the more compliments you are going to receive ”. Unsurprisingly, Cubitts saw a slight uptick in its Tailor-made service, which allows wearers to have glasses tailored to their exact measurements (check out the Bespoke + offer if you want something completely unique).

According to Wilkinson, who says that you should never choose frames purely on the basis of trends (wise advice: not only do you have to consider what suits you, the optics are an investment), you also have to think about your coloring. “I would also take into consideration hair color, eye color and skin tone – choosing the right color can give you results similar to color correction and can help reduce the appearance of redness,” lighten dull skin and enhance golden undertones for a summer glow all year round ”.

Moscot, Yontif, £ 265

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Cubitts, Mathilde, £ 125

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Cutler and Gross, 1,386 square optical glasses, £ 295

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Bottega Veneta, Cat-Eye Glasses, £ 295

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Prism, Dakota Black Tortoise Shell, £ 195

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Specsavers, Bessie, £ 99

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Céline, cat eye acetate and metal glasses, £ 310

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GLCO, El Rey in black glass, £ 250

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Another thing to consider? Several options. “Glasses are the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off in the evening and, therefore, could be the most important accessory you choose in terms of fashion and functionality”, Harvey explains. “For this reason, it’s important to have more than one pair so that you can express your sense of style with different frames and different outfits on different days.” As Samantha would say: fabulous!

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