Color blind glasses

Glasses bring color to the museum

Museum visitors who are red-green color blind can now borrow special EnChroma glasses from the Chau Chak Wing museum and experience exhibits – for example the wide range of blue hues in the Coastlines exhibit – in bright, vibrant colors for the first time. time.

“Accessibility of art and design is always a priority at the Chau Chak Wing Museum and we are very pleased to be the first venue in Australia to offer this technology through EnChroma’s Color Accessibility Program,” said Dr. Paul Donnelly, Deputy Director of the Museum.

“This partnership is another important step in our goals of inclusivity, helping people with color blindness experience the wonder and vibrancy of the exhibits we offer.”

One in 12 (8%) men and one in 200 (0.5%) women have impaired color vision; approximately 350 million people worldwide. Over a million Australians are color blind, as are over 3,500 of the University of Sydney’s 83,000 students and staff.

While people with normal color vision see over a million shades of color, those with impaired color vision see only about 10% of tints and shades. As a result, colors may appear dull, indistinct and difficult to discern.