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Eyeglasses, contacts and more

As the year draws to a close, take this as a friendly reminder to spend your FSA dollars while you still can. A useful and cost effective way to use this money is to purchase eyeglasses or contact lenses from a retailer that accepts FSA funds. Keep in mind that this also includes prescription sunglasses and some blue light blocking glasses, with the two customization options offered by many online eyewear sites. If you’re looking for your next great pair of frames, you’ve come to the right place.

In case you need a reminder: an FSA (short for “flexible spending account”) is an employer benefit in which a designated amount of pre-tax dollars is taken from your paycheck and stored in a account ; these can be used for health care expenses throughout the year. The caveat is that if they aren’t spent, you will lose them. So if this is currently the case for you, you only have a few weeks before the spending deadline to clear your account.

Here’s a look at some of the best places to buy glasses online based on quality, variety, price, and style. Many of these also have options for children, so if your child is accident prone, it may be a good idea to stock up. And yes, they do accept all FSA funds (as well as HSA) to cover purchases, so you can use them before you lose them.

Contact lenses minus markup

Buying contacts online can be risky: ordering on the wrong site and you could get an impostor in your eyes. However, 1-800-Contacts is a reputable retailer that offers different types of contacts from top brands, minus the optometrists’ mark-up prices. If you find the same product cheaper elsewhere, the company offers you a Best price guarantee in which they will beat the price of any verifiable (and US-based) competitor. New customers will also get 20% off their purchase.

With the site’s convenient 24/7 live chat option, you can take advantage of the price guarantee, order last-minute contacts, have a representative help you via SMS for a new prescription and more. Again. And, if your prescription changes or you have leftover lenses in one eye but not the other (hey, that happens), you can return or exchange the product you don’t need. The site also offers a Express Exam for $ 20, after which you’ll get a real prescription from an ophthalmologist. The company accepts insurance, FSA or HSA dollars.

Designer glasses in an interactive shopping experience

With designer frames from top brands like Ray-Ban, Gucci and Prada to more budget-friendly (yet stylish) frames, you’ll find a wide variety of prescription specs at GlassesUSA. There’s something for every price tag, with bezels ranging from around $ 40 (or less) to high-end options over $ 800. You’ll also get what you pay for, as the list price includes basic single focal length lenses, all made to order in-house and subjected to a rigorous set of tests to ensure quality. Upgrade options are available and you can opt for progressive or bifocal lenses, as well as blue light blocking, transitional, or solar coatings for an additional fee.

To make shopping easier, use the virtual trial feature by uploading your photo to the site. Unsure of your prescription? Get the GlassesUSA prescription scanner app and you can scan it right from your own glasses. If you’re not happy with your purchase, you can take advantage of the company’s 14-day return policy, but only on your first pair. The company accepts insurance, as well as FSA and HSA payments.

Chic options under $ 100

For anyone looking for designer-level style at an affordable price, Warby Parker is a solid choice. With dozens of glasses starting at $ 95 and including basic lenses, one of the brand’s most notable perks is the ability to “try before you buy” five different frames at home (note: some exclusions apply). There’s also an app where you can virtually try on your glasses, and if you have no idea what style you’re looking for, a short online quiz will help you figure it out.

The company has a hassle-free 30-day return or exchange policy to make sure you like your new specs, as well as a 6-month anti-scratch warranty where they will replace any prescription lenses or eyeglasses free of charge. striped sun. You can use insurance funds, FSA or HSA to make your purchase.

Multipurpose frames for children

Learning to wear glasses can be a tough fit for kids, but Pair Eyewear makes them feel more like an accessory than a necessity. This is because the corporate template starts with a set of base frames and then you can buy additional top frames that snap on to completely change the look. From brightly colored designs to characters and logos, little ones and tweens can express (and change) their style every day. And as you know, there are styles for adults too.

Glasses start at $ 60, including base lenses, and they’re all anti-reflective and scratch-resistant for added durability; Additional modules such as blue light filtering and light responsiveness are also available. Top frames range from $ 25 to $ 30 each and include sunglasses so they can double as sunglasses. The company offers a 30-day return or exchange policy, and while insurance isn’t accepted, you can pay with an FSA or HSA.

Super Affordable Prescription Glasses

If staying on budget is your number one priority, you can’t beat Zenni Optical. And you won’t be sacrificing much either; you’ll still be able to choose from hundreds of on-trend styles, use the site’s virtual trial feature, get 24/7 live chat help, and enjoy a 30-day return policy (redeemable for store credit). Prices range from $ 7 to $ 50, including basic prescription lenses, but upgrades like polarization, coatings, and transition lenses can cost a few extra dollars up to $ 195 on the final price.

Still, you have the option of going as cheap (or expensive) as your budget allows at Zenni, and to sweeten the deal, you can use your FSA or HSA dollars to pay for your purchase. With models for men, women and children, you can outfit the whole family without breaking the bank.

Glasses with eye exam included

Ordering eyeglasses requires an up-to-date prescription, and if you need both, America’s Best is here for you. The company owns hundreds of locations across the United States, you can book an exam online, find an optometrist near you, and then order your glasses or contact lenses. You can also take advantage of offers with free exams included, including one that covers your appointment, as well as two pairs of glasses for $ 70. The downside is that there are a few states with no locations nearby.

America’s Best accepts insurance in store but not online; However, you can use FSA or HSA funds to make purchases on the site. There is also a 30 day return policy if you are not happy with your frames. Shopping here offers the best of both worlds – the convenience of the Internet and the reassurance of getting your prescription in person.