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Complete Eye Safety Offers Highly Reinforced Prescription And Non-Prescription Safety Eyewear For All Medical Workers | Business


Complete Eye Safety takes pride in protecting workers’ eyesight by providing customers with a much higher level of expertise, industry-specific eyewear and personalized services. This includes a wide selection of industry specific safety eyewear and prescription eyewear with a full field of view for forklift and mobile equipment operators, non-conductive eyewear for the electrical industry, safety eyewear. dust and wind protection, and the only range of Rx Goggle Kit Inserts certified for full face respirators in the United States. Trained occupational ophthalmologists and opticians will be on site to provide services. Exclusive services include professional on-site vision tests, factory inspections, on-site non-compliance inspections and eye exams, as well as eye safety seminars run by ophthalmologists. The company also has a state-of-the-art, full-service digital lens processing laboratory certified to meet or exceed ANSI Z87 safety compliance standards. Complete Eye Safety provides assessment, management, program implementation and a fully compliant and 100% guaranteed eye protection program.