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There’s no doubt that brands like Aveeno or Smartwater might want Jennifer Aniston as their spokesperson: to look at her is to see the epitome of hydrated, well-groomed skin. Aniston is widely considered the best exponent of a certain type of natural beauty, of looking refreshed from within, and one of her secrets to that smooth, smooth skin was on full display in a recent Instagram photo. which showed her enjoying a day at the beach. Aniston shared a selfie with the ocean behind her on Instagram, a rare candid photo with no specific message or intent in her caption, and you’ll notice (once you get past that glowing skin) that her skin protection has been fully activated. Wide-brimmed straw hat (with chin strap)? Check! Slightly oversized UV sunglasses? Check.

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Among Aniston’s many admirable habits, she’s always been a strong advocate for sunscreen, telling Glamor United Kingdom in 2016 (by We Weekly) that her biggest beauty regret from her youth was not wearing sunscreen until later in life.

“I always think, ‘Why didn’t anybody make me put on sunscreen?'” she told the outlet. “It comes down to being young and thinking I was invincible – I thought dewy, tanned skin would still look good, but you have to protect it. I understand it’s not easy, it’s hard to remember and reapply, but it’s well worth it.

So, it’s safe to assume that Aniston is rocking an SPF with that stylish hat, some must-have goggles, and (what appears to be) a perfect spaghetti strap swimsuit. It’s not often we see Aniston in her natural habitat (apart from the photoshoots and TV appearances that are her other natural habitat), but this sun-kissed photo of her beach waves and well-protected skin looks like at a candid Jen moment if we’ve ever seen one. Shop her look below!

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