Safety glasses

Bollé safety glasses with platinum lens technology

Bollé expands lens options and includes Platinum technology in more lenses

Fogging and scratches on lenses are two of the worst aspects of wearing safety glasses. They can obstruct your view and make your experience even more frustrating. Bollé hopes to change that by expanding its line of Platinum-lens safety glasses.

We’ve got our hands on a few pairs so you know what to expect. In particular, we tried the Bolle RUSH+ with transparent lenses and NESS+ with copper lenses. We also tested the CONTOUR which features a non-platinum smoked polarized lens and the HUSTLER Cobalt Flash which uses a PLATINUM LITE anti-scratch/anti-fog coating. You can configure almost any Bolle safety eyewear with a variety of lenses and options.

Bollé Platinum Performance safety glasses

Bollé’s Platinum technology is supposed to make the lenses of the glasses resistant to scratches and fogging. They use a special coating applied by a dipping process that coats both sides of the lenses, making them permanent anti-fog and anti-scratch. We threw those glasses around. Ultimately, all sunglasses succumb to the rigors of the construction site. However, the coating on the Bolle lenses seemed to make them look like new, even when repeatedly contacting the plywood or plastic console of my F-150.

Bollé CONTOUR safety glasses

Many of us work in extreme temperatures on the jobsite, which means a lot of heat for us. Bollé has ensured that the Platinum coating remains effective whether indoors or outdoors, whatever the temperature, including extreme heat or cold.

Bollé safety glasses with platinum lens technology

Bollé Platinum Safety Eyewear Design Notes

Since we received several pairs of Bollé safety glasses to test, we distributed them in the office. Overall they feature flexible rubberized arms and feel very light. You may forget that you wear them sometimes.

The different tints available give you plenty of options for those of us who work indoors or out in the sun all day. Copper lenses have proven to be very effective in allowing indoor use while providing protection from the outdoor sun. This lens also provides some blue light filtering.

The clear lens of the RUSH+ provides excellent indoor visibility. Priced at just $15.50, these particular Bollé safety glasses offered good wrap-around protection and excellent visibility.

Tints available for Bollé safety glasses

Bolle safety glasses are available in a wide range of tints. These include Clear, Smoke, Copper, Bronze, Fire Flash, Polarized, and Cobalt Flash.

Bollé safety glasses with tinted lenses available

Additional Features

  • Washable without compromising the Platinum coating
  • Some models include a microfiber pouch and/or neck strap


Since there are so many Bollé Platinum safety glasses to choose from, prices vary widely. You can expect to pay between $9 and $87.50 depending on the lenses and options you choose. Bolle even offers bulk discounts when you order 50 pairs or more.

Bollé’s next product line, available fall 2022, includes even more styles with Platinum lenses. Additionally, the company plans to launch Platinum prescription lenses as well as universal lenses.


  • Lens Material: Polycarbonate
  • Frame Color: Various
  • Frame material: Nylon rubber
  • Lens Coating: AS/AF Platinum