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Flying debris while doing yard work, splashing while painting your room, or even a direct hit during a Nerf shootout are some of the activities in which you will benefit from wearing safety glasses. Safety glasses are a simple, inexpensive way to protect your eyes from chemicals or impacts during work and play.

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According to statistics from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, around 2,000 workers suffer eye injuries every day that require medical attention. This is a staggering statistic considering that it does not include undocumented domestic incidents.

The best safety glasses will include safety features like impact resistant lenses, non-slip design, and side protection. Comfort features, such as the adjustable arms (also called temples), are also important, especially when you will be wearing the safety glasses for a long time.

Here is a list of seven options from Amazon that apply these features and have received high ratings from customers.

Perfect prevention

NoCry Safety Glasses

NoCry safety glasses are designed to live up to their name and prevent eye injuries that could lead to tears. The glasses are built to last, with durable features that include a wrap-around polycarbonate construction and double-coated lenses. Clear lenses are designed to prevent glare, scratches and fogging. Built-in UV protection prevents eye damage from sunlight. Adjustable side and nose pieces prevent the glasses from slipping while maintaining your comfort when the glasses are resting on your face.

Danielle and Stéphanie, Amazon customers, say: Tough as nails! As a diesel technician, I needed glasses that could withstand some abuse on a daily basis. These glasses exceeded my expectations by a mile. Very satisfied with my purchase.

$ 10.99 at

Protective layer

NoCry Over-Glasses Safety Glasses

NoCry Over-Glasses Safety Glasses

Make sure you don’t confuse your regular glasses with safety glasses. Unlike your glasses, safety glasses are designed not to shatter on impact. In other words, you won’t end up with an eye full of glass. If you need to keep your glasses on while you work, NoCry Over-Glasses Safety Glasses are a great option that are designed to fit over your glasses. Extendable arms and soft tips provide a comfortable, well-sized fit for everyone, not just those who wear prescription glasses. Additional safety features include side covers to protect your devices, UV protection, wrap-around polycarbonate construction, and scratch-resistant coating. Lenses are available in black and orange or black and red.

Amazon customer Edmund said: I first used them at the shooting range a few weeks ago and was impressed. They easily fit over my prescription glasses, provide sufficient protection (especially under and to the sides of my eyes where empty cartridges often come in contact), and I find them comfortable and clear.

$ 12.99 at

Dominant performer

DEWALT DPG94-1C Dominator SAFETY Glasses

DEWALT DPG94-1C Dominator SAFETY Glasses

The DEWALT DPG94-1C Dominator SAFETY glasses are available with six different lens types: clear, gradient (with glare protection), inside / outside, silver mirror, smoked and yellow mirror. The glasses are fully framed with large lenses to protect a large area around your eyes. Rubber tip temples prevent slipping and a rubber tip creates a comfortable fit. The glasses offer UV protection and meet the manufacturer’s safety standards.

Amazon customer James Moffett says: Dewalt fitted safety glasses are the perfect eye protection in a workshop or outdoors. Strong and durable, light and comfortable, they are well worth the price.

$ 6.01 to $ 7.99 at

Comfortable fit

Dewalt DPG55-11C safety glasses

Dewalt DPG55-11C safety glasses

Dewalt DPG55-11C safety glasses are a vision of comfort. The goggles feature rubber-tipped, telescoping, and ratchet temples for a snug fit, along with a padded forehead and vented rubber nosepiece. These comfort features will also help prevent slipping. Choose from a variety of lens options, including clear, silver, clear anti-fog, indoor / outdoor, and smoke lenses. All polycarbonate lenses are designed to absorb impact and include standard UV protection.

Amazon Enos customer says: I am very happy with this purchase. These glasses are super light and the ventilation around the bridge of the nose allows your eye area to breathe and not fog or sweat. I also like the curvature of the lens because I have long eyelashes and they don’t touch the lenses. Good product.

$ 6.75 at

Elegant security

JORESTECH Eyewear Protective Glasses (Pack of 12)

JORESTECH Eyewear Protective Glasses (Pack of 12)

The flexible frame of the JORESTECH Eyewear goggles is rimless and includes textured temples to keep them in place. The lenses are made from a “super tough” polycarbonate material, which is lightweight, scratch resistant and prevents fogging. The glasses are available in sets of 12, so you will be in regular supply with one purchase. You can choose from nine different color options or go for a varied pack. The glasses meet safety standards including UV protection.

Amazon customer D. Voo. says: I use them EVERY day on my motorbike and once a week for yard work. The slim design slips into the full face helmet and stays in place better than thicker frames. They arrived well packaged, scratch-free and optically clear (no blurry, wavy lines or mildew in the lens). No problem, I bookmarked the list when I scratch / lose it to order it again.

$ 12.10 at

Colorful collection

Gateway Safety 4699 StarLite Gumballs Safety Glasses (Pack of 10)

Gateway Safety 4699 StarLite Gumballs Safety Glasses (Pack of 10)

Each purchase of Gateway Safety 4699 StarLite Gumballs safety glasses includes 10 pairs of glasses with clear lenses, each with different colors on the arm. The glasses also come in two sizes – regular and small (small being about 10 percent smaller than regular) – and are lightweight weighing less than an ounce each. The smaller size is great for kids, who may need it during a Nerf battle or when helping their parents work in the garden. Additional features include large side screens, wrap-around and curved lenses for a wide viewing area, scratch resistance and UV protection.

Amazon customer Chszoda says: Very comfortable, incredible value. Everyone on my fire team wears these goggles, and we had no issues with the fit or function. We will continue to use them. Having different colors to distinguish the pairs of each when thrown on the tailgate of the truck comes in handy.

$ 14.98 to $ 15.55 on

Coverage on glasses

Gateway Safety 6980 Cover2 Safety Glasses

Gateway Safety 6980 Cover2 Safety Glasses

Like the NoCry over-glasses, the Gateway Safety 6980 Cover2 safety glasses are designed to be used over your usual glasses. Glasses not only protect your eyes, but wide lenses also protect your expensive prescription glasses. The glasses feature adjustable length temples and flexible temple tips to ensure a proper and comfortable fit. The glasses, which are available in clear or gray, can also be purchased with an optional IR filter tint that the manufacturer recommends using for light welding, brazing or cutting applications.

Amazon customer Jennifer said: These are great safety glasses to wear over your own glasses! I wear fairly large frames, but these fit perfectly. The sides are adjustable as well, so this is always a great option to have.

$ 7.39 to $ 14.99 at

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