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Best Prescription Safety Glasses for Doctors and Nurses in Medical Facilities by PS Research

In order for healthcare professionals to do their jobs well, they need to work with reliable, high-quality equipment. This includes everything from prescription safety glasses, masks and gloves to the scrubs they wear on a daily basis.

But at the same time, healthcare professionals need to have high-quality glasses. This is especially true if these doctors or nurses wear glasses outside of work. Prescription safety glasses are an essential tool, especially when lives are on the line. For this reason, healthcare professionals and their employers have no choice but to invest in reliable prescription safety glasses. .

Fortunately, there is a wide range of high quality corrective safety glasses on the market today. We’re happy to present to you a shortlist of prescription safety glasses that are great options for healthcare professionals. Whatever model you choose. They can be confident that they will get the clarity and protection they need to get the job done.

The need for prescription safety glasses

Prescription safety glasses are often considered necessary in fields like construction. The idea is that these workers have to work in harsh outdoor conditions which often include dust, sand and other flying debris. Prescription safety glasses can help protect the eyes of these workers and ensure they are doing their best.

The same is true of the medical profession. Doctors and nurses are at risk of having fluids and random particles suspended in the air. These fluids and particles can infect or cause significant harm to these healthcare professionals. For this reason, it is imperative that doctors, nurses, and others protect their eyes from any potential damage.

Prescription safety glasses do the trick because of their reliability and high quality. For starters, healthcare professionals can rest assured that their eyes are adequately protected while they are working. Instead of wondering if they are vulnerable, they can focus on the job ahead. But at the same time, prescription safety glasses help healthcare professionals see more clearly. Regardless of their prescription, these healthcare professionals can be extremely precise in their work. And since these individuals deal with matters of life and death, precision is expected.

Several exceptional prescription safety glasses

Whether it’s a doctor looking for a new pair of prescription safety glasses or a nurse looking for the next pair, the options will be plentiful. With that said, we wanted to highlight five outstanding pairs of prescription safety glasses that you can consider. Whichever pair they choose from, they can be sure they are buying high quality safety glasses that you can use in the toughest conditions.

For starters, there is the RX-JY7 model of corrective protective eyewear. This model is ANSI Z87.1-2003 approved. If you haven’t heard of ANSI, it’s a renowned organization that promulgates safety standards for a variety of purposes. For safety glasses to meet ANSI standards, they must pass a wide variety of stress tests. For this reason, by wearing the RX-JY7 model, you can be sure that your glasses will withstand the most stressful conditions.

In addition to being ANSI Z87.1-2003 approved, the RX-JY7 is comfortable. It has a removable nose seal and an adjustable nose bridge. Whether you are working in the emergency room, intensive care or elsewhere, these safety glasses will not get in the way when you finish your job. These glasses are also extremely light, so you can spend less time fitting these glasses to your face.

Starting with the RX-JY7 model, we also recommend the OnGuard 220FS corrective safety glasses. This pair of corrective safety glasses is sporty, stylish and comfortable. Like the RX-JY7, your glasses won’t get in your way when you do your most important work. It is also ANSI Z87 safety approved, which can give you the confidence that your eyes will be fully protected when you work. Along with that, these prescription safety glasses are non-conductive and have full waterproofness. The frame is made of plastic and this pair is suitable for both men and women. The only color available is black.

Next, healthcare professionals will want to check out the ArmouRx 6008FS Plastic Safety Glasses. ArmouRx is a renowned eyewear brand that has been making stellar eyewear for years. This model, like those mentioned above, is ANSI Z87 approved. This particular model is also CSA Z94.3 approved. In addition to these safety approvals, the 6008FS Plastic Safety Frame contains additional protective functions. Most notably, it has built-in side protection, helping to protect wearers from flying debris adjacent to their face. This pair of corrective safety glasses is also non-conductive and contains a full removable gasket. With a size of 16 ounces, this frame can be found in oval, round and square shapes. Like the OnGuard 220FS, this pair is only available in black.

Fourth, we recommend that you look at the RX-1171 model of corrective safety glasses. By wearing this model, you can achieve the double benefit of safety and style. As you can guess, this model is also ANSI Z87 certified. No matter where you work, these prescription safety glasses are extremely reliable. They hold up well to pressure and help you see clearly when you need them most. But with these safety features, the RX-1171 is an extremely popular and stylish frame. It has a wrap-around style and comes in colors like red and black. The frames are made of plastic and they are extremely light, which can reduce unnecessary pressure on your face.

Finally, we would like to highlight the Wiley X Enzo range of safety glasses. If you haven’t heard of Wiley X, they are a renowned eyewear brand that creates durable and reliable eyewear. While the company initially focused on military and law enforcement applications, it broadened its mission to bring high-quality eyewear to the general public.

The Wiley X Enzo is a prime example. This model meets ANSI Z87.1-2010 standards and contains Wiley X’s exclusive shatterproof selenite polycarbonate lenses. These lenses contain 100% UVA and UVB protection, which is especially useful if you wear these glasses on a sunny day. Wiley X’s T-Shell lens coating and distortion-free clarity can provide excellent vision while you finish your job. Finally, wearers of this model can take advantage of a removable facial cavity seal, which protects the eyes from inconveniences such as pollen, dust, irritants and peripheral light. Like many other Wiley X frames, you can find it in black, but you can select clear lenses or smoky gray lenses.

Protect your eyesight when the stakes are high

Working in the medical field, the stakes are high. You need to make sure that you are in top shape when taking care of your patients. This not only means that you are physically and mentally present, but that you are sufficiently protected when providing care.

For this reason, purchasing a pair of high quality corrective safety glasses is often a wise investment. Prescription safety glasses can protect you from the unknown and help you focus on your job. Ultimately, they keep you there and dramatically increase your chances of providing the best care for your patients.

Therefore, do not hesitate to consult any or all of the prescription safety glasses listed above. It’s a win-win solution for you and your patients.