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Apple Glasses: Everything we know so far

Apple Glasses have been talked about for over 3 years now. However, they are still a well-hidden mystery that people don’t know much about. Still, we have uncovered lots of key information including release date, specs, features, price, design and more about Apple glasses implementing AR/VR technology.

From what we know so far, this could be a game-changing item that will revolutionize wearable computing. Multiple leaks, rumors, and speculation back this up. The allegedly leaked prototype appears to be closely related to Google Glasses, launched in 2014.

However, Google’s attempt was well in advance and silently failed. Apple is said to have been working on the project for a very long time now. They may soon introduce something we haven’t seen before.

Find out everything we know about the next Apple Glasses so far. Also, the name is not yet confirmed.

What exactly are Apple Glasses?

Apple Glasses are the so-called smart wearable glasses that will work either as a standalone device having the ability to pair with other Apple devices, or as an accessory for iPhone, iPad and MacBook taking advantage of source power to provide an AR experience.

Apple has not yet confirmed anything regarding the said device. However, the tech giant has dropped subtle hints on several occasions. It all started with the launch of ARKit, a software development tool that allows developers to create applications that include augmented reality.

Prototypes of Apple’s AR-based wearables began appearing on the internet in 2020. The designs feature a glass-like wearable device that allows users to bring information from the phone directly in front of the eyes.

There are functions such as SMS, email, applications such as maps, virtual meeting rooms, 360 degree video playback, realistic games, etc.

What is the release date of Apple Glasses?

Apple is expected to abandon augmented reality-based glasses soon, but no one knows exactly when. Some experts have predicted a 2023 release date for the glasses while some are still saying Apple glasses will be launched by the end of this year.

Previously, people expected Apple to announce glasses during the Peek Performance event held on March 8, 2022. However, the company only announced the new iPhone SE 5G, iPad Air 5, and mac studio.

Now expectations have shifted to the September event. However, it would be unfounded to think that Apple will allow such a revolutionary device to be overshadowed by the new iPhone line. So we don’t expect the glasses to be available until at least next year.

In 2020, Jon Prossera prominent insider, started teasing the first eyewear prototypes and called them “Smooth.” He also teased a “legacy edition” of the device that will resemble the one the late grand Steve Jobs used to wearing. Later, Bloomberg Marc Gurman stepped in and said all the rumors were false.

Specifications and Features of Apple Glasses

Apple Glasses leaks have suggested they will be a wearable accessory like the Apple Watch instead of a standalone device. New iOS 15.4 has integrated key AR features to enhance the experience. The glasses can use the computing power of the latest iOS to operate.

Nothing is known about the specs yet. However, given current technology, we expect them to have at least the same 52-degree field of view and 447 PPI resolution as those available in the Hololens 2.

If the upcoming glasses were to process and display all of the video captured by its camera in 3D imaging, it would require a very high frame rate of at least 60 or 120Hz. higher than current Bluetooth technology can ever provide.

The glasses will also need a long battery life to support these high-end specs and features. We expect Apple to put out at least three hours of battery life, but they might surprise us with even longer battery life.

Features of Apple Glasses

When it comes to features, rumors and leaks have shown Apple Glasses to be quite capable. Apple’s patents suggest the glasses will be able to project virtual images. They will project images into your eye through a catadioptric optical system.

A leaked injury report from Apple headquarters in Cupertino revealed that Apple’s prototype caused eye injuries to two users. Although the report did not provide many details about the prototype. Hopefully Apple will take care of these mishaps before unveiling the final product.

A Bloomberg The report suggests that the Apple AR glasses will bring information from your phone to your face. Another leak suggests that Apple has plans for third-party apps for the glasses and will have a dedicated app store for the same.

Users will be able to watch 360-degree surrounding videos, view and navigate via Maps, read and send messages without having to touch their iPhone, and play games directly using the glasses.

It will also let you view different parts of the world, much like Google Street View, but the locations would be projected directly onto the lenses of your glasses. An Apple patent confirmed the same.

What operating system will Apple Glasses use?

Apple will introduce an all-new device form factor using a modified operating system that could be called the realityOS Where glass OS. The device can run on a proprietary operating system called Starboard which is similar to iPhone Springboard.

It will make sense for the company to develop a custom operating system for upcoming AR and VR devices. However, no interface elements have leaked yet.

Testing for such a user interface was found in the iOS 13 release candidate. Its “Readme” file revealed that the term was code STARTester and referred to a device that could be worn or held. This does not confirm anything but corroborates with the Starboard expectations.

Apple Glasses design and display

The Apple Glasses will have a similar design to the usual specs. There have been no credible leaked images of the actual design. The latest rumors suggest that Apple wants glasses to appear fashionable and wearable everywhere, just like the Apple Watch.

Jon Prosser’s allegedly leaked design that Mark Gurman later rejected looked neat. It also followed Apple’s approach of having one size fits all with adjustable temples (arms).

As for the display, Sony may be the supplier of its half-inch Micro OLED displays for the Apple headset, but they won’t be part of the glasses. Instead, Apple will use Smart Lenses that project graphics directly onto the user’s eyes.

Apple Glasses Price Expectations

It is very difficult to guess the price of Apple Glasses until we know all the specifications. In 2020, rumors surfaced on the web that Apple Glasses would be available for a price of around $499. Later, a JPMorgan analyst reported that this was only the price of manufacturing materials.

If true, the price of the next Apple Glasses would jump up to $2,000-$3,000. However, Apple can also choose to have a cutting-edge product with an affordable price tag to attract as many buyers as possible.

Nothing seems certain at this point. We will have to wait at least a few more months, if not a year, for realistic information about AR-based glasses.