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Apple glasses could help you with your sight defects

Apple Gglasses could help you with your eyesight defects, new patent appears. Under copyright law, Apple offers to obtain corrective lenses by placing several lenses in each eye in the form of a soft liquid crystal lens.

Apple Glass’ patented title, “Tuneable and Foveated lens System”, doubles as a standard pair of glasses.

Apple Glass is rumored to come with several features. One of the most talked about topics in eyewear is the ability to adjust your vision. Apple has yet to officially confirm anything related to Apple Glass, with a patent indicating that it may contain something related to Apple’s wearable design. Apple filed a new patent on Thursday and was first recognized by Apple Insider.

Apple Glass’ patented title, “Adjustable and Focused Lens System”, doubles as a standard pair of glasses. However, the system offers the possibility of automatically adjusting the lens area so that users do not need medical glasses and can use the installation without any problem.

“Glasses can come with one or more adjustable lenses designed to fit the user’s eye. There may be an electronically adjusted material such as a crystal cell. One or more identical electrodes can be dispersed in several ways. The control circuit can use control signals in the electrode range for each liquid crystal. The cell produces the desired phase profile of the lens. Some parts of the lens are visible to the user. Reflect a phase profile different from. “.

Apple Glass is expected to come with control circuitry, a sensory system that tracks consumers’ thoughts.

And the lens components can be adjusted to fit the user’s eyes. The patent claims that the technology enables Apple Glass to solve a wide variety of vision problems, including myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism, and more. Users can use mirrors to adjust smart viewing features.

Overall, the patent indicates that apple glasses are one of the most commonly used corrective lenses for people with farsightedness or nearsightedness. As mentioned above, the material inside the apple glass lens is controlled by electrical energy. Additionally, it may have eye-tracking technology capable of monitoring the user’s eye movements and applying an electric current to a specific area of ​​the lens to improve the user’s vision.

However, it is important to note that although Apple has won many patents, not all of them have entered the market. Therefore, the company that boots or launches the device is a lingering concern.

Apple’s hybrid reality headset will launch in 2022


Despite rumors that the real-time headset will cost around $3,000, the Oculus Quest 2 in the meta is unlikely to appeal to people who can pick up a VR game for $299. The Bloomberg report also suggests that if Apple can do anything to help with the high price tag, these will be the cheapest devices the company releases in the future.

Mark Gurman said Apple plans to launch “the most expensive device with chips, displays, sensors and avatar-based features” early next year. Virtual reality headsets allow consumers to communicate with their surroundings using digital businesses.

It’s important to note that Apple will release its own integrated headset this year. As the name suggests, Apple’s Literally Blended headset uses a combination of visual and augmented reality to deliver a unique experience to its customers. A recent report from 9To5Mac quoted Bloomberg’s Marge Gurman: “As I immediately heard, Apple is completely restricted to the idea of ​​creating a virtual world unlike the meta-platform/Facebook that hosts Virtual escape for users. ”

The whole idea of ​​smart glasses is great, except for people who already wear glasses to see. You have to find a way to put them on your usual glasses or invest in medical lenses to get your smart glasses – it’s an expensive proposition.

VR headsets aren’t the best. Very small frames will fit in a closed earpiece, but that’s rarely a luxury. Some VR headsets allow the addition of doctor lenses. A major difficulty in putting the headset back on for use by others.

Take patents with a grain of salt

Remember that Apple won many patents that never went into production. In fact, there have been weeks where the US Patent and Trademark Office has submitted multiple patent applications to Apple in a timely manner. Sometimes we see technology entering the market, sometimes not.

However, it certainly makes sense if the Cupertino apple glass makes its way onto the market. The product can be replaced by your usual medical lens. The copyright states that the product can only be used to correct an idea, clever features are excluded.

If the patent goes to Apple Glass, we have time to wait. Analysts expect Apple to announce a VR or AR headset in 2022, but smart glasses won’t be available until 2025.

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