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An Amazon worker lost his glasses in a package and the person who received it found it

An Amazon employee lost his glasses in a package he packed and the person who received it managed to get them back to him.

The whole trip happened on the Vancouver Reddit page, r/vancouver, and it’s so nice to see how many people helped make this happen.

The original thread was posted on Reddit last week and explained the super unique situation.

The user said in his message that he had received an Amazon package, with a pair of glasses he had not ordered. It occurred to them that they must belong to an Amazon warehouse worker, and they most likely fell into the package by mistake.

“The people at Amazon have done a lot for all of us, so I’d like to make sure one of them gets a personal prescription,” the user said.

It’s not often someone goes out of their way so much for a stranger, which makes this story all the more heartwarming.

After contacting Amazon without success, the user turned to the Reddit page for help. The user lives in Ottawa, Ontario, but discovered that the package was from a facility in Metro Vancouver—Richmond to be precise!

“I think my best option would be to contact someone from HR or Richmond Warehouse Management, but I don’t know how to find that contact information. That’s where I hope r/vancouver can help you,” they said in the post.

They shared the order information, hoping someone who worked at the warehouse would see it and help return the glasses.

Right away there were a bunch of responses from people who said they could help. Turns out Vancouverites are eager and ready to help!

In an update just shared yesterday, the user said that the glasses had in fact been returned to the rightful owner!

It wasn’t that simple though. The user said that although the tracking information indicated the package came from Richmond, BC, it was actually repackaged in Ottawa, Ontario.

The user’s first post helped him connect with an Amazon manager in Vancouver, who then helped him by looking up the code for the employee who packed the package.

“I was in the wrong place, but you still arrived! The manager was able to contact the local employee’s manager,” the user said in the update.

Yet the employee they found was not the owner of the glasses. Yet they persisted!

The employee they found knew that a co-worker had lost his glasses, so put them in touch.

The user was so committed that he actually went to the warehouse to leave the glasses with the security guard.

“Ultimately, I had to stop my Reddit chat exchange with the Richmond manager before she accepted the glasses,” the user said.

“But she took them and so, to my knowledge, the glasses were returned,” they added.

From across the country, the people of Vancouver came to the rescue!