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Aieve’s mason jar lids make glasses easier to drink and pour

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When it comes to storing housewares and canned vegetables, mason jars are the first piece of glassware southerners make their own. Not only do the pots have a farmhouse charm, they are also extremely versatile. And now, glass jars can be used in more ways than ever before thanks to the Mason Aieve jar lids that make it easy to drink and pour liquids.

You can tell these lids improve on grandma’s favorite jar! The jar lids adapt to traditional size mason jars, transforming them from a simple storage container to a tumbler in seconds. How? ‘Or’ What? The plastic lids have a spout that makes it easy to consume and pour your mason jars. The hinged lid design means that instead of unscrewing the lid, leaving you vulnerable to spills, you can simply open the lid and drink from the spout. The spout is large enough to fit in a straw, but still small enough to pour without causing damage.

With four fun color options to choose from, mason jar lids are adorable. But they’re not only stylish, they’re also waterproof thanks to the silicone seal underneath, which keeps drinks, dressings and sauces inside. Reviewers who love lids confirm that they don’t leak as long as you twist them. “Super tight”, so you can take jars on the go and have the peace of mind that they won’t tip over.

Amazon shoppers say the lid is perfect for pouring sauces or drinking sweet tea straight from the jar. In fact, reviewers say it ‘pours clean’ so you have one less mess to clean up. Each lid in the set even has a carrying handle that makes your mason jars easier to take on the road.

Even if you drink it constantly, you’ll also appreciate the fact that the lids still do a great job of preserving foods like uncooked rice, oatmeal, nuts, syrup, dressing, and more. They can keep food and preserves in the refrigerator and the freezer. Buyers also confirm that they are easy to clean and you will appreciate that they are dishwasher safe.

This pack comes with four pastel colored lids and is designed for regular opening mason jars. However, if you have wide mouth jars, there is a set to accommodate them as well.

“I drink my water every day from a quarter-sized mason jar and these lids are a perfect fit. ” wrote one Amazon buyer. “The lids screw on really well and without difficulty, and they’re made of a sturdy plastic-like material. The cap snaps into place relatively easily and doesn’t leak so I can take them with me in the car. I throw everything away. in the dishwasher to clean them and they seem to hold up well. “

“Small practical objects” wrote another. “Fits any canning-type jar. I use one for the maple syrup so I don’t have to drag the whole big syrup jar on the table. Plus, I love my syrup. hot but I don’t want to heat the whole carafe! I also use them in big pots for my homemade plant food. And they’re so cute and colorful. They can be used for so many things. I love them! “

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