Color blind glasses

A toddler receives his first pair of glasses

You really don’t see a lot of kids wearing glasses. It’s not that some kids don’t need glasses, it’s just that they won’t get their eyes checked or the parents don’t even know there’s a problem. It’s hard to know if something is wrong when the child doesn’t know anything is wrong either.

Shortly after my granddaughter turned one, we started noticing in the photos that one of her eyes was off center. Once she started talking, she would tell us that she couldn’t see with that eye. So my daughter took her to an eye doctor in Indianapolis at Riley Children’s Hospital.

During the appointment, we discovered that not only was she having trouble seeing with her bad eye, but her good eye was also blurry. The doctor said that by using special eye drops and getting glasses, she should be able to see just fine. So she got equipped for her little glasses.

After picking up her glasses, she couldn’t wait to show us. Since they live three hours away, you had to see his new glasses on Facetime.

Isn’t that the cutest thing ever? Maybe I’m just a little biased, though.

Now that she’s been wearing glasses for almost three years, I can’t imagine her without them. They are such a part of his curious, intelligent and courageous personality.

It took a while for his face to grow into his glasses.

Leslie Morgan

Leslie Morgan

Then she got her hair cut.

Leslie Morgan

Leslie Morgan

Now she is ready to start kindergarten.

Leslie Morgan

Leslie Morgan

How many children wear glasses in the United States?

In 2019, 25.3% of children aged 2 to 17 wore glasses or contact lenses, and the percentage increased with age for both boys and girls. Among boys, 3.0% wore glasses among 2-5 year olds, 20.0% among 6-11 year olds and 35.3% among 12-17 year olds.


Have your children’s eyes checked every year to make sure there are no problems. Help them understand that going to the eye doctor doesn’t have to be scary.

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