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A colorblind teenager has “the most emotional day” thanks to special glasses. – InspirePlus

Having been colorblind all his life, Zane Stubbendeck would say he didn’t fully understand the color craze…until now!

To celebrate his 19th birthday, Zane’s group of close friends volunteered to buy him colorblind sunglasses from EnChroma. With them, he could see all kinds of colors that he had only known through descriptions. Needless to say, it was a moment that had to be filmed!

Everyone was eagerly waiting for Zane to put on his sunglasses and stare into the distance, admiring the beauty of nature in all its colorful glory. In an instant, he was speechless and his hands started shaking. Just when his friends started to react, the 19-year-old burst into tears, prompting a much needed hug.

Watch what Zane calls the “most emotional day” of his life below and don’t forget to share.

@imzaneotto most emotional day of my life @ejwayy @jutwolow @yungashtrey #colorblind #fyp #emotional ♬ original sound – imzaneotto🕸

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