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VR in a pair of glasses? New research just made it possible

Many tech companies are working to improve certain aspects of virtual reality, including making it more vivid and realistic. Now, new research from Stanford University and Nvidia aims to make headsets easier to wear. The device is a push for VR glasses to look more like everyday glasses rather than the big, wraparound VR headsets […]

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Prescription Safety Glasses Market is Expected to Innovate and Reach a New Level in Near Future in 2028

Global Prescription Safety Glasses Market Report 2022 covers in-depth study of market size, growth and share, trends, consumption, segments, application and forecast to 2028 This report provides a detailed analysis with presentable graphs, charts and tables. . With qualitative and quantitative analysis, we help you perform comprehensive research on the Prescription Safety Glasses market. This […]

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Never forget your reading glasses again with 30% off these universal readers and pod set

Bulky reading glasses often require oversized cases or an accessory to hang them around your neck when not in use, making them easy to forget, misplace, or damage. If you only need readers once in a while, consider ditching those pairs for a set of modern readers with a case thin enough to fit in […]

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Rochdale News | News Headlines | Specsavers launches eyeglass and contact lens recycling initiative

Date published: August 07, 2022 Specsavers in Rochdale is offering customers the chance to recycle their glasses and contact lenses for free in-store Specsavers in Rochdale is offering customers the opportunity to recycle their glasses and contact lenses for free in store. The new initiative comes after high street opticians teamed up with […]

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Hawk Eye Anti-Glare Glasses Review: Are HawkEye Driving Glasses Scam Or Legit?

Driving is dangerous enough, taking away a person’s ability to see, and it’s deadly. That’s where HawkEye Anti-Glare Glasses come in. These newly developed, lightweight, heat, water and glare resistant glasses were designed to help improve clarity and give you high definition vision when driving at night. Let’s take a closer look at why they’re […]

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2022 Our Place Drinking Glasses Review

Due to a handful of mundane aggravating factors, I have long ignored glassware. It’s not that I’ve never coveted elegant goblets or jewel-colored wine glasses; I simply neglected to invest in drinking vessels because for most of my twenties it wouldn’t have made sense to do otherwise. Until a few months ago, I lived exclusively […]

Color blind glasses

Special glasses make the Loves Park mural even more eye-catching

LOVES PARK — Muralist Brett Whitacre sees his works — and everything else in the world for that matter — in a whole new light. The 45-year-old Rockford-area muralist, who happens to be colorblind, tried on a special pair of goggles on Friday and for the first time saw colors as the majority of the […]

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Specsavers Barrow launches glasses and contact lens recycling initiative

SPECSAVERS in Barrow offers customers the opportunity to recycle their glasses and contact lenses for free in store. The new initiative comes after high street opticians teamed up with recycling experts MYgroup to install recycling collection boxes at Specsavers stores across the country. Specsavers Barrow customers will be able to drop off metal and plastic […]

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New OnGuard women’s safety glasses from

August 3, 2022 – Middlesex, NJ – Although many options are unisex in style, there can always be more options for safety glasses designed specifically for women. These focus on the different sizes that women have compared to men, as well as a better fit to not only make women feel comfortable with one of […]

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Blue Light Blocking Glasses Market Overview and Global Outlook 2022-2029 by Key Players

Blue Light Blocking Glasses According to a new report, the world “Blue Light Blocking Glasses Market” 2029 provides a comprehensive assessment of the market landscape, encompassing both current and future market position. In terms of drivers, opportunities, and restraints, the analysis provides insights into developing trends and market dynamics. The analysis houses a light weight […]

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10 Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

We found the fanciest blue light blocking glasses. It’s pretty safe to assume that most of us have a similar daily routine: waking up, checking our phones, going to make coffee, checking our phones, doing our daily chores, and checking our phones over and over again. In the evening? We can cycle our phones as […]

Color blind glasses expands Vuzix smart glasses to UK and European markets

Last Tuesday, Vuzix entered into a distribution agreement with to increase the availability of its smart glasses for customers in the UK and northern EU. Westbase is a proven industrial distributor of Extended Reality (XR) products, including 4G, 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. The company now distributes Vuzix’s augmented reality (AR) products, […]