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2022 Our Place Drinking Glasses Review

Due to a handful of mundane aggravating factors, I have long ignored glassware. It’s not that I’ve never coveted elegant goblets or jewel-colored wine glasses; I simply neglected to invest in drinking vessels because for most of my twenties it wouldn’t have made sense to do otherwise. Until a few months ago, I lived exclusively in tiny apartments in Brooklyn, each with different roommates, conditions that weren’t exactly conducive to receiving or collecting valuable coins. Conscious of my space and money constraints, I instead relied on a veritable gang of misfits: mason jars of all sizes, coffee-stained mugs with faded logos, old jam containers and more.

Everything changed last spring when I moved into a studio. I would be living alone for the first time in my adult life – and I was about to enter my thirties too. It was finally time to update my basic glassware. My eventual pick: The Drinking Glasses from Our Place, a direct-to-consumer cookware brand with gorgeous products and a cult following. Struck by the affordability of the glasses ($50 for a set of four) and the wide variety of rich colors, I bought an amber-colored set somewhat on impulse. A few days later he arrived.

Despite their prosaic name and low price, these glasses are anything but ordinary. Made from recycled glass and colored sand with natural dyes, they manage to be both sturdy and beautiful. I found them a little bulky at first, but I’ve since come to appreciate their heavy-bottomed construction: I don’t have to worry about cracking or chipping them from accidentally knocking them into the cabinet or washing them too vigorously.

They are also perfect for my lifestyle. I wanted something attractive, but still versatile; durable, but not clumsy. Stackable glasses do the trick and my limited storage space. Since owning them, I’ve used them for a really wide range of drinks: a Sazerac, pineapple kombucha, gritty electrolyte porridge and more. Certain foods, including taro ice cream and Greek yogurt, also saw the inside of these glasses. (Funny enough, the only thing I have can not imagine putting water in it; I prefer to drink this in my beaten 32 ounce Nalgene.)

Turns out I like beautiful glassware. Who knew? Not me, until I bought these glasses, which first opened the floodgates for shopping in my now cramped shelves. Since they arrived on a hot, oppressive day in mid-July, I’ve purchased vintage olive green Martini glasses from a curated home goods store in Woodstock and coveted the elegant hand-blown Aita glasses. the hand of Hudson Wilder; I even considered investing in some hand-painted Italian espresso cups (which admittedly would just gather dust in my care, as I don’t own an espresso machine).

But before I venture further into uncharted glassware territory, I’m going to order another set of drinking glasses to go with my amber glasses – this time I’m going for the sage green. I imagine that the two earth tones would blend quite harmoniously on a future rectangular dining table in a much more spacious future apartment.