Safety glasses

Jackson Nemesis Safety Glasses Review

Jackson Nemesis safety glasses are everything your boss expects to get the job done, but they do it with a style and flair that goes against what most people imagine as personal protective equipment or a EAR. Jackson offers an alternative to cheapness and discomfort with its Nemesis line, emphasizing fit, comfort and style as […]

Glasses work

How do smart glasses work?

Smart glasses are the next big thing in wearable smart technology. They offer the ability to bring the technology found in our smartphones directly to our eyes and ears. In 2013, Google launched the first smart glasses. The Google Glass Explorer ended up being a business failure, but since then several companies have launched their […]

Color blind glasses

John Hickey puts Carelust colorblind glasses to the test in an emotion does it really work

Manufacturers claim that this product helps correct color blindness. These are Carelust Color Blind glasses designed to solve the problem of color blindness. The company is based in London, England, and sells these glasses online for around $ 90, down to a few dollars for shipping. The manufacturer claims that it will help most people […]