Safety glasses

10 brands of safety glasses to watch out for

2. MSA Security. Another brand celebrated by our readers, MSA is a global organization with a very wide range of eyewear and safety glasses, including models for those who wear prescription glasses.

3. Progear Vision. Progear is one of the most famous eyewear brands, their Eyeguard model is particularly favored by athletes. Progear is widely available around the world, meeting US, UK, and even Japan standards.

4. KleenGuard. KleenGuard, a brand of Kimberly-Clark, offers a wide range of eyewear and safety glasses, including corrective safety glasses. Their Maverick model offers a trendy alternative to standard safety glasses (and is available in two different lens colors).

5. Dentec. Dentec’s safety specialists are active in Canada and the United States (all of their products are certified to the latest edition of the CSA standard and meet ANSI requirements). The brand claims that all of their eyewear products offer UV protection, scratch protection and the option of anti-fog protection.

6. Gateway security. Gateway is an Ohio-based company that offers eye protection and other PPE. Although it is an American brand, many of its products meet CSA requirements (for example, their classic Metro model meets the high impact ANSI Z87.1 + standard as well as CSA Z94 .3). The brand has been featured on COS several times, including its popular StarLite model.

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