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Without headphones, Soundcore Frames let you listen to music

Plus, a smart design choice that rips a page out of the Apple Watch reading book makes them trendy. But don’t expect augmented reality or other “smart” features.

When Soundcore frames go on sale in November, they will be available in 10 different frame options. They look remarkably similar to RayBans, aviator sunglasses, and other common styles of eyewear. And Soundcore says prescription and blue light filtering options will be available.

Soundcore frames: Bluetooth audio glasses

“So far, the emerging audio eyewear space has been pretty boring with only limited design choices,” Steven Yang, CEO of Anker Innovations, said in a press release Wednesday. “With our new Soundcore frames, we hope to reset things, bringing a more elegant audio listening experience to the market.”

This means you can buy a pair and then add other frames to change up the look of your high-tech sunglasses.

The arms of the Soundcore frames, which contain the audio components, can be interchanged by pulling them out of the frames. (Soundcore’s Pull and Plug quick release system, which uses a mechanism near the hinges of the glasses, makes changing quick and easy.)

“Soundcore frames feature the company’s patented OpenSurround system, designed with two custom drivers in each arm, customized and a listening port for a more immersive experience,” according to the press release. “The main speaker is in front of the user’s ear, with another located behind the ear to help amplify stereo sound. Soundcore frames also feature on-ear wear detection and automatically pause sound when the glasses are removed.

You can use Soundcore’s virtual dressing room, which uses your computer’s camera, to “try on” different sizes and styles of frames.

How do they sound? Much like AirPods, Soundcore Frames work for listening to music, movies or podcasts or other audio files when paired with a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Noise-canceling microphones allow the user to make phone or video calls.

While Soundcore Frames don’t sound as good as high-end wireless headphones like the AirPods Pro (or Soundcore’s own Liberty Pro noise-canceling headphones), they deliver a surprisingly clear and immersive audio experience. The sound is airy, without too much bass, but still pleasant.

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  • Without headphones, Soundcore Frames let you listen to music
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