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Top 5 Companies Selling Prescription Safety Glasses

Prescription safety glasses can provide people with all the protection they need to see well in difficult conditions. Whether they’re at work, on the road, or at their favorite hobby, they can count on a reliable set of safety glasses to protect them from all kinds of flying debris.

Those who are in the market for prescription safety glasses can purchase their glasses from a wide range of physical and online stores. That said, five companies offer a wide selection of high-quality, functional safety glasses. Not only that, but they offer exceptional customer service, giving buyers the confidence that they will purchase the best prescription safety glasses for their individual needs.

Therefore, buyers should seriously consider purchasing their next pair of prescription safety glasses from the retailers listed below. Whether new buyers or repeat buyers, the following companies will make the experience as smooth as possible.

The Best Companies Selling Prescription Safety Glasses

1. Rx-Security

First on our list is Rx-Safety. Rx-Safety is a family owned manufacturing company focused on providing the highest quality eyewear to our customers. Over the past two decades, Rx-Safety has grown from four to sixty employees. Nonetheless, the company has remained humble towards its original roots, emphasizing white glove customer service, a wide selection of eyewear, and extensive customization options.

By visiting the Rx-Safety website, shoppers will discover a solid collection of prescription safety glasses. The company sells some of the best-known names in prescription safety eyewear including Wiley X, Rx-Safety House Brand, Wolverine, OnGuard, and armouRx. Buyers can choose from a wide range of models such as eyewear safety glasses, plastic safety glasses, wrap around safety glasses, lighted safety glasses, and rimless safety glasses. All of these glasses are available in different colors and designs, giving buyers maximum choice when making a decision.

Rx-Safety makes it easy to find your collection. All buyers need to do is use the filter options on the left side of the prescription safety glasses home page. Buyers can filter Rx-Safety’s collection based on factors such as brand, age group, activities, face shape, frame colors, and even safety rating. With fast delivery times and great customer service, Rx-Safety is a great choice if buyers are looking for a pair of prescription safety glasses.

2. VS Glasses

Then there is VS Eyewear. Like Rx-Safety, VS Eyewear is a family eyewear that offers a long list of prescription safety eyewear. In addition to a full line of safety eyewear, VS Eyewear offers Z87 certified prescription safety eyewear from brands such as Wiley X, Bobster, ESS, Smith Optics, Spy, and onGuard. Buyers can also choose from different types of prescription safety glasses. Some choices include wrap-around safety frames, metal safety frames, rimless safety glasses, and plastic safety frames.

In addition to these default options, VS Eyewear offers a wide range of customization. The company has partnered up with a lab that offers full prescribing options, so all the work is done in-house. Regardless of a buyer’s prescription for their particular eyewear needs, they will be able to find a nice pair of prescription safety glasses at VS Eyewear. The company’s collection is affordable, and most prescription orders take about two weeks to process before shipping.

3. MyEyewear2Go

At VS Eyewear, buyers may want to check out MyEyewear2Go. MyEyewear2Go describes itself as the “leader in prescription eyewear”, offering “the best brands at discount prices”. MyEyewear2Go is a family business that has over 100 years of experience in the optical industry and brings that experience to its customers today.

While MyEyewear2Go sells many types of eyeglasses, sunglasses, reading glasses, and sports glasses, it is also known to sell excellent prescription safety glasses. Buyers can choose from some of the most recognized eyewear brands like armouRx, Phillips Safety, Wiley X, Wolverine, Hudson Optical, and more. If a buyer is focusing on the style of their safety glasses, MyEyewear2Go offers safety glasses with many designs and colors. Some of these colors include amber, black, copper, orange, and yellow, but there are many more. Many prescription safety glasses from MyEyewear2Go cost less than $ 100, making it easy for shoppers to find their next pair of prescription safety glasses without breaking the bank. Most prescription orders take approximately three to ten business days to process before shipping.

4.Marvel Optics

Then there is Marvel Optics. Marvel Optics describes itself as the number one online eyeglass store. According to its origin history, the company was founded with customers in mind who were looking for quality eyewear at a fair price. Marvel Optics offers a variety of prescription safety glasses and prescription safety sunglasses, giving buyers the freedom to find the perfect pair that meets all of their functional and design needs.

By visiting Marvel Optics’ Prescription Safety Glasses page, buyers will see that they can filter the collection based on several different factors. For example, if a buyer is price sensitive, they can find a list of affordable, high quality prescription safety glasses. If a buyer wants certain materials or colors in their glasses, they can also easily be found. They can even filter by size or type of prescription. If a buyer needs even more customization, the company offers the Marvel Optics Rx Safety Eyewear Program, which can provide exclusively designed protective eyewear.

5. FramesDirect

Finally, is another great company that sells prescription safety glasses. is known for providing premium eyewear to consumers, including prescription safety eyewear. The company was founded in 1996 by two optometrists from Texas. Since the inception of the company, has sold eyewear to over one million customers worldwide.’s collection of prescription safety glasses can serve buyers well, whether they are working a tough day job or just want more protection when working in their home shed. Some brands available to customers include Titmus and Caterpillar. Like some of the other retailers on this list, also has a long list of available color options. Some of the options available include black, blue, red, brown, and turtle. prides itself on its affordable pricing options. In fact, the company has a Price Match Guarantee, ensuring that all buyers will get the best possible price for their new frames. The company ships its products on time to anywhere in the world, which means buyers won’t have to wait long to receive their new set of prescription safety glasses. If a buyer needs to exchange or return an item for any reason, they have thirty days to do so.

Start shopping today

Buying a pair of prescription safety glasses can be stressful and confusing. Many retailers sell these glasses and the list of options available can be overwhelming. This is why it is so important to purchase prescription safety glasses from top notch retailers.

Ultimately, the five retailers listed above are great options if individuals are looking to purchase prescription safety glasses. These retailers not only offer a wide selection of frame and lens options, but they also offer competitive pricing and exceptional customer service. Whether a buyer needs a replacement pair of safety glasses or is looking for their first pair, they can be confident when making a purchase from one of these five companies.