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This TikTok Bartender Begs You To Stop Stealing Glasses

Customers often frequent the same bars for the same cocktails and they crave for them to be served in their specialty glasses. “These people are not going to be happy when I say, ‘Hey, we can’t serve this cocktail because we don’t have enough glasses for it because everyone keeps stealing it.'” When the glassware decline, service slows down. Ultimately, “If you’re interested in a drink, don’t hesitate to ask the bartender. A lot of places will sell you glassware,” she says.

Badass Bartender might make a compelling point, but the internet might not buy it. As of this writing, HaleyDito’s TikTok has 895.7K likes, while Badass Bartender’s second longer video has 79.4K, although notably the latter was posted about a month later. Comments are also split, with some TikTokers falling on HaleyDito’s side and others on Badass Bartender’s side. User Hazza writes: “Take that drink miss and tip your bartender. Karen will be fine!” However, TikToker Halee also criticizes HaleyDito’s behavior. “As a former bartender, don’t do it. You don’t get paid when you run out of glass to make drinks and the guests leave. It was always the worst,” Halee wrote (via Daily point).

At the end, Badass bartender is firmly committed to his advocacy. “Don’t do that. Overall, don’t steal glassware.”

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