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Sunday Classics: Ozzy Osbourne’s signature glasses


Unique round frames are synonymous with the 73-year-old musician

Posted 05.12.21, 00:13 AM

Image Courtesy: IMDb

Few have been able to remain at the forefront of public memory like Ozzy Osbourne did. The former Black Sabbath frontman, who turned 73 on December 3, has created a look for himself that has not been matched by any other musical group to date (not even the guys from Kiss). Along with the histrionic on stage and kohl-rimmed eyes, the iconic round-rimmed glasses became synonymous with the 70-year-old heavy metal musician, who called himself the “Prince of Darkness” as he faced Sabbath.

Indeed, Ozzy glasses are distinct from Lennon glasses. And while the Paranoid The musician’s unique and unmistakably stylish glasses look has been a staple of his public appearance since the 1970s, and is increasingly imitated by mainstream artists of the 21st century. Click the link below to get your own pair of Ozzy frames!

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