Color blind glasses

OrCam’s MyEye Pro clips on glasses to help visually impaired people read and identify faces

OrCam, a company that manufactures accessibility aids for the visually impaired, won an CES Innovation Prize for his spectacle frames MyEye Pro device. It helps the blind and visually impaired by reading print and digital text, recognizing people, identifying products, etc. OrCam won the award in the innovation accessibility and health and wellness categories of CES.

“We live in uncertain times, yet … our users’ access challenges have not ceased during the pandemic. On the contrary, they have intensified,” said OrCam co-founder and co-chair. , Professor Amnon Shashua in OrCam’s blog post.

MyEye Pro mounts on a pair of glasses and communicates visual information audibly. A key new feature is “smart read” which works much like the Crtl-F / CMD-F (Search) functions on a PC or Mac, allowing users to get specific information – something that has helped influencing the CES panel “The interactive intelligent reading capability allows users an experience designed especially for them,” the judges wrote.

Another recent feature that arrived last year is the OrCam voice assistant. Users can talk to MyEye Pro (or the company’s OrCam Read handheld) to turn on facial recognition or tell the device to read pages in books, newspapers, and restaurant menus. “The new version of ‘Hey OrCam’ makes it possible to control all the features and settings of the device hands-free, using voice commands,” as noted by the CES judges.

As for the material itself, the OrCam Eye Pro is an update to the previous OrCam Eye product with a faster processor, two microphones instead of one, longer battery life, improved eyeglass attachment and more. Thanks to improvements to the processor, it turns on faster and “responds faster and with increased precision. [for] responsive pointing gestures, barcode and banknote identification, and facial recognition, ”OrCam wrote.

Just before last year’s CES 2021, we Noted that accessibility in technology had improved but that more had to be done. Adding functionality to existing products and software is an important part of this, but specially designed devices play a role as well. “OrCam MyEye and OrCam Read have both been instrumental in ensuring that our users were able to continue with their academic, professional and personal pursuits and stay in touch with family, friends and society at large,” Shashua said.